2018 introduced us to some of the hottest new styles for the kitchen and bath — and some of those trends look like they’re here to stay in 2019. But what else does this year have in store for homeowners when it comes to the latest in design? Read on for our 2019 kitchen and bath design forecast.

1) Dark, moody colors
2019 is a time to lean into darker, moodier tones like blacks, dark blues, and deep greens. Bright finishes and white accents have ruled the design world for the past few years, so it’s only natural the trends are starting to shift in the opposite direction. It also doesn’t hurt that matte black was the hottest finish in 2018, showing homeowners that bold, deep colors aren’t something to shy away from.

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2) Free-standing baths
Looking to add a little self-care to your 2019 routine? The shift towards open, spa-inspired bathrooms has led to an influx of free-standing bathtubs, especially when it comes to home remodels. If you’re planning a bathroom upgrade this year, now is the right time to add a soaking tub to your list.

3) Colorful Kitchens
The fully white kitchen is a thing of the past — now, homeowners are adding colorful or black accents to their kitchen space in the form of cabinets, islands, and faucets. Black is an ideal color for families, as it tends to hide scuff marks and fingerprints. Plus, contrasting a white backsplash or light countertop with black accents creates a more upscale, chic aesthetic.

4) Nothing gold can stay…unless it’s a faucet
The gold finish started trending last year, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down in 2019. Brass and gold finishes offer vibrant hues that pair perfectly with neutral, grey and beige toned bathrooms, giving the bath an instant luxurious upgrade.

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