Gone are the days when every faucet was a variation of the same spout and handle in predictable chrome. 2021’s faucets are incredibly varied, with top trends including integrated spray nozzles, touchless faucets, thoughtful details and a broadening range of finishes. 

While chrome remains at the top of the list for faucet finishes, new and trending finishes are becoming rising stars, illustrating the desire to create standout moments in a kitchen or bathroom design. 

While not every finish is a fit for every bathroom, and it’s important to weigh faucet finishes pros and cons before making the final decision, choosing a trending faucet finish will instantly up the wow factor of the room and ensure that the design is never boring or predictable.

Brushed Gold

Brushed gold faucet finishes add modern warmth to a space and elevate the style of the room. From rustic to contemporary, this trending faucet finish creates a focal point and invites discussion. As an added bonus, it complements gold hardware and looks great against jewel tones like dark greens and navy, as well as neutrals like white and grey.

A Touch of Sophistication


On a large vanity, a brushed gold two handle widespread faucet doesn’t get lost in the design. In fact, it stands out as a statement piece among other beautiful design elements. And you get twice the beauty when you incorporate them into a double vanity.

Sweet … With Just the Right Amount of Sass


A brushed gold single handle faucet with a dramatic spout gives this sweet and soft design a little bit of drama that keeps it from fading into the background. One of the biggest pros of a brushed gold faucet is its ability to hold its own in a bright and vibrant design or stand out in a more subtle one.

Radiance and Warmth


The gorgeous gold-tone of a brushed gold finish radiates warmth in a space, infusing it with elegance and class. The pull-down spout of this single handle faucet makes doing dishes as easy as the faucet is beautiful.

Matte Black

Matte black faucet finishes are a little like Sandy at the end of Grease — wholesome at heart with a little bit of an edge. Incorporating this faucet finish into a bathroom design is a choice you won’t regret. (You actually might brag about it a little.)

Minimal and Modern


The single handle design and unassuming spout of this matte black bathroom faucet cut a modern and minimal profile, so you can focus on a bathroom that promotes quiet relaxation.  

The Perfect Complement


This cool stone wall and porcelain sink benefit from the matte black bathroom faucet finish. But this finish would be equally at home against subway tiles or even wallpaper — which is a 2021 trend in itself.

Create a Stunning Shower


For a bathroom design that really stuns, choose matte black for the entire tub and shower trim set. This bathroom faucet finish looks incredible as a standout against gleaming white tiles or you can make the design more subtle with dark tiles or stone.

Brushed Nickel

If you love chrome but are looking for a softer feel, brushed nickel is the perfect choice for a faucet finish. Its neutral look means that it will fit with nearly any kitchen or bathroom design and look amazing in the space.

Functional With a Flair


This brushed nickel two handle bridge faucet with a side spray assembly adds just the right touch of flair to this single basin streamlined sink. Evoking the style and grace of times gone by, its soft finish blends seamlessly into the kitchen design and grey veined tile backsplash.

Two Trends in One


Consider this faucet two trends in one! Brushed nickel is a trending faucet finish that lends a softer touch than stainless steel, but you still have the effect of a silver finish. And with its pull-down spray nozzle, it makes doing dishes, especially pots and pans, a breeze. 

Convenience and Class


The ultimate in convenience and class, a wall mount pot filler in brushed nickel means that you won’t be lugging pots full of water around the kitchen. And this kitchen faucet finish will fit with nearly any design aesthetic.

Trending Faucet Finishes for Your Project

With these trending faucet finishes, you can bring the modern warmth of brushed gold to a clean and bright bathroom, infuse edgy matte black sophistication into a shower, or feature a soft gleam of brushed nickel in a beautiful kitchen. Pioneer offers these finishes in a wide variety of faucet styles for both the kitchen and the bathroom. And when you choose one of these finishes, you will always be on-trend.

Contact Pioneer today for help choosing the perfect faucet finish for your project.