Handwashing Stations

What you need to know

As COVID-19 has turned our considered norms more and more on their heads, and as companies, individuals, and government officials try to grapple with the “New” norm it can be hard for those in new construction to stay ahead of all of new legislation and amendments.

 Many state agencies have amended and expanded the requirements of handwashing stations  on job sites as follows:

Washing Facilities:

Washing facilities shall be provided as follows: A minimum of one washing station shall be provided for every twenty employees. Washing stations provided to comply with this requirement shall at all times:

  • Be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition;
  • Have an adequate supply of water for effective washing;
  • Have a readily available supply of soap or other suitable cleansing agent;
  • Have a readily available supply of single-use towels or a warm-air blower;
  • Be located and arranged so that any time a toilet is used, the user can readily wash

3 Reasons why including a handwashing station at the construction or job site helps support the health of workers.

1. Reducing Timeline Disruptions Due to Sickness 

Handwashing stations allow construction workers to clean their hands before and after using a portable toilet, and more frequently throughout the day. Having easy access to wash more often helps reduce the risk of health issues that can be common when working in close quarters. A healthier team means you will be able to rely on your team remaining healthy for the duration of your project. Allowing you to maintain your timeline without needing to slow down construction.

2. Establishing Yourself as a Safe Place to Work

Including a washing station will help show that you take additional steps to protect the health of workers. Proactively advocating for your workers and establishing yourself as a safe construction company.

3. Placing Value on the Health of Your Crew

When you install a hand wash area at the construction or job site, it is a visual cue to your construction workers that you take their health seriously. When your crew feels taken care of and valued, they are more productive.

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