Whether you’re undertaking a kitchen renovation or choosing features for a new build in a multi-family home such as condos, choosing the right faucet fixture can really make the kitchen glow. But it may seem like all high-quality and cutting-edge styles are so expensive, forcing homeowners to sacrifice beauty by going with something more affordable. 

Pioneer knows this pain, and that’s exactly the problem we can solve. We offer a beautiful range of kitchen sink faucets that are high-quality, stylish AND affordable. After all, we’re homeowners, too. 

To help you get started, get inspired by these incredible kitchen sink faucet designs. 

1.  Go for Gold


Gold is back, and it’s here to stay. This kitchen faucet design is all about style and function. With sophisticated navy and white cabinets, brushed gold adds that extra luxury that can only be found in high-end faucet designs. 

This design looks like a million bucks, but its quality and affordability is something to truly brag about. And with an industry-leading 10-year commercial installation warranty for residential use, there’s really no better option.

Brushed gold is one of our favorite finishes, and we’re so excited to announce that we will be carrying some amazing options soon! Click here for all the details.

2.  Stylish Faucet for the Professional Looking Kitchen


The professional-style kitchen is always a crowd-pleaser, and it’s obvious why. Combining serious functionality with impeccable taste makes this an Instagram-worthy kitchen that any homeowner would love to cook in. 

Multi-family residence owners are tired of compromising by going with a cookie-cutter looking kitchen. Building owners are putting more focus on including elevated, statement amenities for their tenants, to entice new tenants and keep current tenants happy.

Want to go even more sleek? Check out this minimalistic design, now available in brushed gold & matte black. Yep, we’re excited, too!

3.  Warm and Modern


Creating the perfect balance between sleek, modern and warm is challenging. But this look has achieved just that. With a functional 360 degree, two spray-pattern head and easy to maneuver lever, this kitchen faucet design is perfect for the busy family.  

Even if a full renovation is not in the budget, or you’re just looking for a quick update, a new kitchen faucet is the perfect solution. We stand behind our warranty, and if you need help, we always offer a real person behind our customer service, not just an automated, inaccessible resource. For more remodeling tips, check out this article.

4.  Sleek Brushed Nickel Meets Farmhouse


Classic is always a great choice. This kitchen sink faucet takes classic brushed nickel and combines it with farmhouse style to create a unique kitchen experience. And we love it! 

Not only is it elegant, but with its separate pivot nozzle, there’s nothing the everyday cook can’t do. But don’t think this look can be used just in farmhouses. Any residence can have this look, reflecting the heart of the home — the kitchen. 

And when it comes to kitchen faucet design, there’s no company that cares more about their customers and their homes than we do. We’re here to help you, right from choosing your styles to installation and beyond.  

5.  The Pot Filler That Creates a Buzz


While we’re talking about kitchen sink faucets, it bears mentioning that a pot filler is an absolute must for any serious home cook. A pot filler is the ultimate in luxury and is a perfect complement to the kitchen sink faucet. Many of our kitchen sink faucets have a wall-mounted pot filler in the same style that is the perfect match. So, if you’re looking for an addition to ramp up the luxury and style of your kitchen, why not add a pot filler? 

This wall-mounted, oil rubbed bronze pot filler is useful and adds character to a kitchen. Not only do pot fillers make life easier for those serious home cooks, but all of our faucets meet multiple certifications, including The American Disability Act, low-flow requirements and federal and state safe drinking water legislation. 

Are You Ready?

Updating or remodeling a kitchen can be intimidating and costly. We understand, and that’s why, when it comes to kitchen sink faucets, we’re here to help every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service, professional installation service, quality and affordability, and our commitment to our warranties. 

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today! Want to see more of our options? Great! Check out our full line of kitchen faucets.