2018 has been a big year for bathroom design so far — from bold tones to monochrome, there are plenty of trends and styles out there to choose from. Here are six stand-out design trends we’ve seen for the bathroom in 2018:

1) Brass and Gold Tone Fixtures
These vibrant hues pair exceptionally well with neutral, greige-toned bathrooms, though they are still versatile enough to work in bathrooms of any style. The gold tones add a feeling of dimension and luxury, making it an easy bathroom upgrade for any home renovation project.

2) Mixed tiles and textures
Pairing different — but complimentary — bathroom tiles together in the same space can help create a more interesting, textured design while livening up the space.

3) The Home Spa Experience
These days, it’s all about the luxury showerhead — and why shouldn’t it be? You work hard, and you deserve an immersive, relaxing shower experience that feels more like an escape than a daily grooming ritual.

3) Wallmount Faucets
For a clean and custom look, opt for wall-mounted faucets instead of the more traditional under-the-sink mounts. It’s a great way to instantly update the bathroom space and create a more modern look — plus, it pairs perfectly with our next design trend.

4) Unique Vessel Sinks
Vessel sinks are growing in popularity this year. On top of giving any bathroom a high-end, design-focused feel, vessel sinks are available in an impressively wide variety of finishes, such as tempered glass, cobblestone, amber woodgrain, and hammered nickel, making it easy to pair them with any bathroom design.

5) Deep Standalone Tubs
In case a stand-alone vessel sink isn’t enough, you can always take it up a notch with a freestanding tub — the deeper, the better, especially if you want to keep high-end luxury at the forefront of your design.

6)  Monochromes & Matte Black
The bathroom is a small space, and there’s not always space for detailed design — which is why so many people have been favoring a monochrome color scheme in their bathroom designs this year. Too bland for your taste? Try adding a matte black faucet for an easy, sleek contrast.

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