Bathroom faucets are having their heyday. Rather than simply fulfilling a necessary function in a home, they are being elevated in an integral room to help complete its design. 

From luxurious spa “getaways” to a modern take on traditional designs, bathrooms need bathroom faucets that complete the aesthetic without breaking the bank. 

Single handle faucets are a great choice for any bathroom — especially bathrooms found in multifamily residencesThey have fewer parts to clean, make it easy to find just the right temperature, are simple to install and take up less space on the countertop.

It’s clear why single handle bathroom faucets are the go-to for architects and designers alike. So, with that in mind, let’s check out these seven gorgeous single handle bathroom faucets that you and your clients are sure to love!

Choose the Best Finish for Your Project 

The first step is to pick the right finish for your faucet. You want one that is going to look great and won’t be a pain to clean

Polished chrome is a classic and traditional choice, perfect for any bathroom design from traditional to modern.

Brushed nickel is a subtler finish that completes a rustic aesthetic.

A matte black finish is edgy and modern. It draws a stark contrast to a white subway tile or cool stone backsplash. 

For a bold standout faucet, a brushed gold finish creates a stunning look that works best with modern minimalist or other bold colors.

1. Seeing Double — and We Don’t Mind


Seeing double is definitely not a bad thing with these twin MOTEGI COLLECTION bathroom sink faucetsTheir brushed nickel finish is picked up in the mirror frame and vase, leading to a perfectly synchronized design that gives everyone space on the vanity. They fit seamlessly with this traditional design but would add just the right touch of comfort and warmth to a more modern aesthetic.

2. One Faucet, Two Ways


This MOD COLLECTION faucet features a lever handle perched on top of the spout and a stunning matte black finish. This bathroom faucet is a standout in nearly any project. Whether you’re using clean white tile (seen above) or a rustic stone backsplash (seen below), this faucet can hold its own in any design.


3. Get the Right Angle 


In an exciting design moment, this i2 COLLECTION single handle bathroom faucet seems to be leaning in, begging to be taken into your confidence. Available in polished chrome, brushed nickel and matte black, it will happily join you in any design.

4. Minimal Is a Whole Vibe


For a sleek and modern addition to your bathroom design, look no further than this MOD COLLECTION single handle bathroom faucet. The slim profile of the base lends a minimalist appearance while simultaneously allowing you to maximize a small space — but there’s also a wider base version if you want it to take center stage on the countertop or vanity.

5. Stand Tall and Proud


When your mom told you not to slouch, she was probably picturing this stately single handle bathroom sink faucet. Standing tall above the sink, this faucet gives you all the clearance you need to wash your face, scrub your hands and maybe even wash your hair! Featured here in brushed nickel, this MOD COLLECTION stunner will be the envy of all your friends.

6. Subtle Curves and Rounded Edges


For a subtle curve and more delicate design, an I1 faucet is a perfect complement to a square sink with soft rounded edges. Its forward tilt gives the spout more reach, allowing more space to wash hands. And the polished chrome finish gleams along with the porcelain sink.

7. Spread the Love


Why should the bathroom sink get all the love? Sure, everyone that uses the bathroom will use the sink and only a lucky few will get to use this beautiful single handle wall mount Roman tub set from the MOTEGI COLLECTION. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a showstopper in its own right, right? 

Create a Bathroom You’ll Love

For residential projects and multifamily buildings, Pioneer faucets offer the best in quality, durability and customer service. Your timeline is our priority as we’ll work to get you the materials you need when you need them. We’re here to help and bring you unparalleled quality and a price that will fit your project’s budget, making our single handle bathroom faucets the perfect choice to create a bathroom you’ll love.

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