When it comes to the hottest faucet styles of the year, it’s no secret that matte black is trending. Matte black is timeless, grounded, and compliments modern decor just as well as transitional or even traditional spaces. Still not sure if it’s the right finish for your home remodel? Here are a the top benefits of a matte black finish:

1) Easy to clean
Matte black appliances are fingerprint and smudge resistant by nature, so they tend to look a lot cleaner than their stainless steel counterparts. When they do start to get dirty, they’re much easier to clean than other finishes — they don’t require any special polishes or cleaners, and can usually be cleaned to perfection using nothing more than a wet rag.

2) A warmer, softer finish
The quiet, earthy tones of matte black faucets and fixtures creates a more natural look. Where stainless steel can often feel cooler and brighter, matte black’s lack of glossiness and more neutral tones creates a softer aesthetic, giving you the freedom to mix and match colors and patterns without worrying about your faucet clashing with the design.

3) Pairs wonderfully with white
Because of its lack of gloss and toned-down color, matte black faucets pair perfectly with white backsplashes and cabinetry, both extremely common colors in modern homes and apartments.

4) Buildable, beautiful accents for the entire home
Installing a matte black faucet is a great start, and it’s easy to add matte black accents throughout the rest of your space. Adding matte black detailing around windows or bathroom mirrors is a great way to tie the room together and create subtle contrast for a cohesive, modern design.

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