Did you know? It’s easy to use excess water in the bathroom. How often do we let the water run from our bathroom faucet, losing valuable water down the drain?  While toilets alone are estimated to use nearly 30% of our indoor water usage. Although it can seem overwhelming, there is good news – We can collectively make a difference one conscious choice at a time!

Read on to see all the ways you can conserve water by making small mindful changes in your bathroom.

At the Sink:

  • Install WaterSense certified aerators or faucets to aid in reducing water usage. Older faucets can use 3 – 7 gallons of water, while low-flow faucets can use 1.5 GPM or less.
  • Turn the water off at the sink while brushing your teeth and washing your face or hands.
  • When shaving your face, fill the sink with hot water rather than running the water to rinse the blade.

The Toilet

  • Replace older toilets, which use between 3.5 – 7 gallons per flush, with high-efficiency models that use significantly less water at 1.28 gallons per flush.
  • Use a trash can to dispose of bathroom trash such as hair, dental floss, and cotton swabs. Not only does it waste water, but it can also clog pipes.
  • Always repair a running toilet as soon as possible. The average running toilet can waste a gallon of water every 30 seconds!

In the Bathtub:

  • Take showers instead of baths or treat baths as an occasional special indulgence – a tub can take between 30-42 gallons to fill.
  • If you do take a bath, plug the drain and begin to fill the tub even if the water hasn’t finished heating, or collect the water for use around the house.
  • Check to make sure that your bathtub faucet doesn’t drip or leak when turned off. 

In the Shower

  • Cut back on the length of your shower – each minute of your shower can potentially use 5 gallons of water!
  • Install a WaterSense certified low flow showerhead that uses 2.0 gallons per minute (GPM) or less to save water vs. older models that used 5 GPM or more
  • Choose a showerhead that allows you to turn off the water or reduce flow while shampooing.
  • Use a bucket to collect water as you wait for your shower to heat up, and then use what you collected to water plants, clean house, or even wash your car.


Low Flow Product Spotlight:

Model # SH-601: LUX-FLOW Single Handle Rain Showerhead

Pioneer’s patent-pending LUX-FLOW technology amplifies the feel of every drop of water, transforming low-flow into a truly indulgent experience. With a 1.75 gallon per minute (GPM) flow rate, LUX-FLOW saves an incredible 7.5 gallons of water for a single 10-minute shower. Serious water savings that make a positive impact on your budget and energy usage, all while enjoying a highly satisfying shower experience.


  • Easy Rub-Clean Anti-Scale Spray Nozzles
  • Heavy-Duty Brass Ball Swivel Joint
  • 6″ Diameter Showerhead
  • Air Inject Turbine Technology
  • 1.75 GPM Flow Rate with 80 PSI
  • Available in Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel