When renovating or upgrading your kitchen, one option you will come across is a pot filler faucet. Also known as a kettle faucet or pasta arm, this single-temperature faucet (usually cold water) is designed so you can fill pots of water directly on the stove rather than in the sink. 

Installed and mounted above a stovetop or range, the filler extends and swings out on a long jointed arm that can be folded and tucked away when not in use. Sometimes considered a luxury, it is a great investment and a fantastic way to make a design statement, with the added bonus of functionality and convenience.

Things to Consider

Once you decide to install a pot filler faucet, some things to consider as you make your product choice include:

  • Your budget
  • Required maintenance and cleaning
  • Safety measures (usually dual shut-off valves for the faucet)

Pot filler faucets can be installed as either a wall mount or a deck mount, depending on whether there is access to plumbing either in the wall behind the stove or adjacent to it. 

Another critical step is deciding the height for installation to ensure the faucet will clear the cupboard and range hood. You need to plan the placement of the faucet so that it is high enough for the tallest pot yet accessible by the shortest user in your home. 

You’ll also have to decide on what kind of arm to pick, as the number of burners you would like the faucet to reach will inform whether to get a single-jointed arm or double-jointed arm.


Benefits of Having a Pot Filler Faucet

1. Reduces Physical Strain

Water weighs nearly eight and a half pounds per gallon — not to mention the additional weight of pots already filled with potatoes or other bulky ingredients for stock. 

Instead of carrying heavy, water-filled pots across the room, you can easily and conveniently fill your pot right on the stove, avoiding physical strain on your back, wrists, hands and arms, as well as minimize the potential for slips. 

2. Facilitates Multitasking in the Kitchen

Avoiding multiple trips from the sink to the stove with heavy pots of water saves time and aids workflow so you can accomplish other tasks such as preparing vegetables, cleaning or setting the table. Having two faucets in your kitchen means you can even fill two pots at the same time if needed, one at the stove with the pot filler faucet and one in your sink. On busy days, even a minute saved can be a big deal.

3. Reduces Mess

If you have a pot filler faucet, you can fill pots at the stove while keeping your sink and countertop areas open and free for food preparation and cleaning. Not to mention, of course, reducing the number of trips back and forth between the sink and stove decreases the chances for spills.

Plus, when it is time to clean up after dinner, you can add water to dirty pots and pans for soaking right on the stove while you clean other items in the sink. 


4. Increases Functionality, Efficiency and Convenience

Of course, it is easier to fill large pots that don’t fit in your sink with a pot filler faucet at the stove. But pot filler faucets aren’t just great for large cooking pots — you can use it to fill up tea kettles, watering cans, vases, jars, water bottles, humidifier tanks, fish tanks and more. Plus, you can reach the faucet arm over to fill an electric coffee maker’s water reservoir. 

Plus, pot filler faucets have a flow rate around three times faster than a standard kitchen sink faucet for faster filling. 

5. Enhances Your Kitchen’s Design Aesthetic 

Current kitchen design trends include finding inspiration from professional-grade kitchens to give the space a sophisticated, “home chef” feeling. Pot filler faucets come in a wide variety of finishes and can add a lot of style and flair to a kitchen. They can be integrated to fit in with any design aesthetic, from traditional to sleek and modern, or can be used to blend styles together. They are a great addition to a larger or open-concept kitchen.

Increase Design and Efficiency With a Pot Filler

No matter your culinary skills, a pot filler faucet can help you become more efficient and creative in your kitchen, especially if you like to cook soup and pasta often. This useful and convenient feature is a relatively easy upgrade and adds an unassuming yet attractive touch of class to any kitchen design.

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