Multi-functional Spaces

Life is fluid and home spaces should be too. From in-home offices coming out of the closet to spaces that open up and flow to accommodate large gatherings, a family’s needs can change from year to year and even day by day. Why not design rooms that are capable of meeting those needs without expensive remodels? Incorporating furniture that can easily move around, murphy beds that can be put away, and indoor playrooms with strategic storage all allow for convertible and multi-functional spaces in the home, a popular design change for the coming year.

Color Trends of 2020

A notable design trend for 2020 is the movement to reconnect with nature. Soft and playful hues, especially greens, will be a hot color choice for the coming year. Green is the most restful color to the human eye, and spaces that bring calm to homes and invite conversation and connection are what’s up-and-coming in the design world.

Handcrafted Details

The return to the art of handcrafted pieces in the home should be on everyone’s radar for 2020. A renewed appreciated for handmade textiles, furniture, and construction details will be a strong centerpiece in the room. As home design has veered towards the mass-produced in previous decades, a penchant for one-of-a-kind pieces is what’s in style for 2020.

Repurposed Materials

In a waste-not culture, the creative use of reclaimed building materials like wood, lighting fixtures, glass, and doors are responsible (and popular) design choices. The use of natural, easily sustainable resources like bamboo are also environmentally-conscious building materials for the coming year and beyond.

Division of Spaces

Think movable room dividers like bookcases, shelving, sliding doors, and portable walls as a simple solution to offering more privacy– in contrast to the open concept that has dominated design for the past decade. While the ability to cook in the kitchen while socializing with the family is still a prominent design choice, the desire for spaces set apart for privacy is quietly gaining in popularity.

Smart Homes

Smart homes are evolving almost daily as popular additions like Alexa, smart appliances, smart entertainment, smart lighting, and home security are making life as we know it easier. Smart water heaters protect homeowners from unexpected leaks, smart thermostats cut down bills, and security systems keep your home safe and offer a much-desired peace of mind to homeowners. Not only is this trend here to stay, it’s only getting better…and smarter.

Personal Homes

As most things come and go over the years, the bent towards minimalism is reshaping in 2020. Families are gravitating towards togetherness which means books, games, and toys are finding places on the shelves as we create a more personal and family-oriented living room space. Even with Marie Kondo helping the cluttered homeowner pare back, keeping things that bring you joy is what’s in vogue as we head into the coming year.

The latest design trends offer homeowners a chance to breathe a sigh of relief. What’s up-and-coming in 2020 are spaces intended to put real living and the connection with family, friends, and nature at the heart of the home. Stark-white farmhouse interiors, stiff furniture, and minimalistic rooms are moving out of the way for homes that invite personality, color, and real-life design– and those are changes we can all embrace.

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