Choosing the right ADA fixtures for your bathroom, whether for yourself or someone in need, can be a daunting task. Beyond aesthetics, there are many important features to consider: the weight of the handheld shower, its size, water flow options, function controls, and price point.

Here are some points to consider as you choose an ADA handheld shower that best meets your needs.

Weight: Many reasons can bring someone to the point of needing a more specialized shower, such as arthritis, recent surgery, stroke, and other physical conditions. The type of disability can directly impact one’s ability to lift and move a handheld shower fixture. If hand and arm strength is a concern, a light-weight model would be ideal.

Size: The person’s body size, their ability to stand or need to sit in the shower will impact the size of ADA shower you choose. Those with a larger shower space may opt for a larger or dual shower head, and those with a smaller space may find a more compact fixture better meets their needs.

Water Flow Options: Because a handheld shower is operated more closely to the skin than a traditional shower head, water pressure is an important consideration. Most commonly, you’ll find a low-flow showerhead is considered to have a flow of 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute) or less. ADA handheld showers with a 1.75 GPM flow rate are ideal for both comfort and economy.

Function Controls: The location of the shut-off valve, the size of the switch, and ease of turning it are all important features to consider based on the individual’s hand strength and abilities. Showerheads can offer a single function or as many as 5 options, and some offer the added stability of a mounted grab bar. User enjoyment, function, and style are all important components when choosing a shower fixture with the controls and features you want and need.

Price point: ADA handheld showers can range in price from one hundred to five hundred dollars, depending on the finish and features you choose. Making your selection based on price still allows you many options to choose from as even the lesser priced models offer many beneficial features.

Product Spotlight:

Single Handle Tub/Shower Trim Set with Handheld Shower
Model# P-2300T-ADA


  • Single Handle Tub/Shower Trim Set
  • Metal Lever Handles
  • Face Plate
  • Single Function 2-1/4″ Standard Showerhead-1.5 GPM, Arm & Flange
  • Combo 1/2″ IPS/Slip-On Diverter Tub Spout
  • Three Functions Handheld Showerhead W/Non-Positive Shut Off-1.75 GPM
  • 24″ Grab/Slide Bar
  • 60″ Stainless Steel Flex Hose
  • Brass Drop Ell with Vacuum Breaker
  • For Use with P-2300B & P-2400B Series and P-2240B Valves – Valve not included