Your home is one of the biggest investments you can make and keeping it well-maintained is one of the best ways to cut down on expensive repair and replacement costs. Faucet care is an important and easy step to ensure your sinks look and operate their best for years to come.

Daily Faucet Care

Corrosion is a word no one likes to hear when it comes to plumbing and faucets, and while bleach may seem like a go-to household cleaner, when it comes to your faucets, the chemical can quickly eat away at their finishes. Even toothpaste splatters and strong facial products can wreak havoc on brushed nickel faucets. Prevention is key to stopping erosion before it starts.

  • Daily wipe down your faucet with a gentle cloth and mild soap. Then dry it thoroughly to keep acid splatters from corroding your faucets.
  • Another common mistake when it comes to faucet care is using sponges with abrasive fibers in them. Scratch pads can quickly ruin a faucet’s finish. Be sure to use only soft cloths when wiping the faucet down after kitchen cleanup.

Weekly Faucet Care

Once a week is a great time to give your faucets a closer inspection, especially around the base of the faucet where mineral has a tendency to build up.

  • An easy fix is to soak a cloth in vinegar and leave it over the area of build-up for up to an hour, depending on the severity of the deposits. (For brushed nickel finishes, it’s important to dilute the vinegar to prevent any acid damage.) After soaking, the build-up should wipe easily away.

Monthly Faucet Care

Clean the faucet aerator.

  • Remove and clean the faucet aerator to keep your faucet working its best. For most faucets, the aerator can be removed by unscrewing the cap at the end of your faucet. To keep the aerator’s filter clean, soak it in a vinegar and dish soap mixture and finish by running water through it to ensure any trapped dirt has washed away. A properly working aerator ensures you have the right amount of water pressure and reduces water waste.

Do a quick check for leaks to prevent damage to your cabinetry or sink.

  • We recommend calling in the pros to fix any plumbing leaks.

Protect your faucets with a specially made wax product for faucets.

  • Not all waxes are created equal, and it’s important to find a wax that’s intended for your exact faucet finish.

Faucet maintenance is easier than you think. With only a few minutes a week, you’ll keep your faucets shining and performing like new.

Single Handle Kitchen Faucet


The Legacy Collection is defined by elegant functionality, timeless style, and enduring quality. Ceramic disc cartridges, lifetime PVD finishes, water conservation, and safety make these faucets a classic addition to fine homes.

  • Single Handle Kitchen Faucet
  • Metal Lever Handle
  • Spout Swivel 360°
  • 9-11/16″ Reach, 5-7/8″ from Deck to Aerator
  • Ceramic Disc Cartridge with Temperature Limit Stop
  • 4-Hole 8″ Installation
  • Side Spray Assembly
  • With 1.5 GPM Flow Rate