KBIS 2018 was a blast — with tons of great booths to check out and plenty of informational presentations and panels, it was truly a kitchen and bath paradise. Plus, there was no shortage of new styles that caught our eye — and we want to share them with you! Here are the top five design trends from KBIS 2018:

1) Bold Finishes
While chrome and brushed nickel remain strong style staples, brushed and vibrant golds and matte blacks were the two new, attention-grabbing finishes that dominated the floors of the KBIS trade show. Vibrant gold works well in both the kitchen and the bath, adding a striking hue to the room that pairs well with a variety of colors and design styles. The matte black finish is becoming a very popular choice for the kitchen, and creates a very modern, industrialized look when used with commercial-style pre-rinse faucets.

2) Farmhouse style sinks
The iconic farmhouse style sink design is back — and it’s more versatile than ever. A perfect, simple statement piece in any setting, the farmhouse sink works well in both traditional and contemporary kitchens. And, with a wide range of new designs from classic stainless steel to fireclay, it’s easy to get the exact right look for every kind of kitchen.

3) Stylized faucet handles
As design grows more innovative, new styles don’t stop at the faucet. Levers and handles are being incorporated into the overall design in a variety of ways, with styles such as wheel-inspired knobs, modern cross handles, and vintage-inspired swing lever handles.

4) Transitional Styles
While modern styles are still leading the pack, transitional styles are quickly catching up, making transitional styles a highly sought-after selection for homeowners.

5) Commercial goes residential
Commercial-style pre-rinse faucets are a popular choice in residential kitchens. The high performance functionality combined with the subtle industrial style makes Pioneer’s Single Handle Pull-Down Pre-Rinse Faucet the perfect addition to modern, minimalist kitchens.

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