So, you’re designing a kitchen or bathroom. You may have a million questions going through your head. Where do you begin? We have a few tips that just might help!


How much are you willing to spend? Knowing this will help as you decide on and choose your items, from flooring to faucets.


Although it is important that the space looks great and fits your style, it is equally important that the space function as envisioned. That means the features you choose should add durability and water efficiency while allowing all members of the family, and guests to utilize them effortlessly. Sink faucets in the family bathroom, as well as the kitchen, tend to experience heavy use in the home. We recommend looking for models that have a reputation of being built to last. Which will help prevent the need for repairs and replacement. Choosing a faucet that features all-metal construction and washerless ceramic disc valves is a simple way to reduce future maintenance.  A single handle widespread lever-type faucet delivers ease and function. You will also need to decide if a single or double sink will fit your needs better.


Choosing the right fixtures for your space is also a key consideration. For example, single-handled designs are great for adding style to small spaces and, a widespread faucet can make quite a statement in a large master bath. Vessel sinks are now available in an array of sculpted shapes.


Sinks and faucets are becoming a focal point in both the kitchen and the bath and have now become a place to show off something unique to guests and visitors. Taller sink faucets attract the desired attention and put a focus on a modern design. Some choose a bold color like black rather than the traditional chrome to make the statement while others may make the statement with design, combine the two, and make quite an impression!  You may come across an Apron front sinks as an unexpected focal point. A vessel sink is also an ideal design for making a statement. Pops of color or exciting material choices are other great ways to add a focal point. Dare to experiment!


You may choose to include special features such as a shower bench or mosaic tiles in the bathroom or double ovens and a cur-out cutting board drawer in the kitchen. There are so many options you can choose to make your space unique.


Your space should be exactly that, your space. Your kitchen and bath should fit both your needs and style. Choose products that focus on quality and durability. Function and design should go hand in hand.

Product Spotlight: Motegi Collection 3MT800

Featuring clean lines and superb craftsmanship, the Motegi Collection is a minimalist’s dream designed with sleek, luxurious lines and quality craftsmanship to inspire architectural masterpieces. The simple flowing design makes cleaning these faucets effortless, and the dramatic geometry of the Motegi Collection brings sophistication and sculptural art to any room.

  • Metal Lever Handle
  • Bent Nose Spout
  • 10″ Reach
  • Ceramic Disc Cartridge with Temperature Limit Cap
  • 2-Hole 4″ Installation
  • Includes Valve With Mounting Plate
  • With 1.2 GPM Flow Rate
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