Pioneer Gives to the Flood Victims

Commerce, CA – (Pioneer Industries) — A storm that started Aug. 12 dumped as much as 2 feet of rain in some parts of Louisiana over two days, and the flooding has been described as the worst disaster in the U.S. since Superstorm Sandy struck the East Coast in 2012.

Flood damage has been documented to more than 80,000 houses in Louisiana, and that could double as aid applications and inspections continue.

Pioneer Marketing Director, Helen Berlin, grew up in Louisiana and has many family members that have been directly affected by the flood.

“I have 2 relatives that have completely lost their homes, cars and all of their belongings,” Berlin said.

One relative had spent the last 2 years putting the finishing touches on a new home and had to endure complete devastation.

In response to the great need in Louisiana, Pioneer Industries, has donated $41,000 in plumbing fixtures to the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge.

According to Construction Director for Habitat for Humanity, Frank LeDoux, “The generous donation will help reduce the cost of reconstruction for many people who lost so much in the flood.”

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