A new advertising campaign prompted by the Associated General Contractors of America urges drivers who consistently pass through highway construction zones to slow down and stay alert — for the workers’ safety and their own.

A recent study conducted by the AGC found that 54% of highway contractors reported motor vehicle crashes at their work zones in the last year; 48% of those crashes resulted in injury, and 25% of them ended in fatality. These crashes also significantly impact the timeline of highway construction projects, as 53% of contractors reported that their projects had been delayed by a day or more as a direct result of a work zone crash, leading to higher costs and longer days for the contractors.

That’s why officials from the Associate General Contractors of America have launched a targeted mobile safety campaign in an effort to reach drivers near highway work zones and remind them to stay alert and drive safely when passing through. Unlike traditional advertising campaigns, the goal of these ads isn’t to sell anything, but simply to raise awareness — and hopefully, save lives.