A Win-Win

That Pays for Itself

Introducing a better shower with less water. Pioneer’s patent-pending Lux-FlowTM system injects air into every drop of water, creating the feel of a traditional, higher-pressure shower while saving 30% more water than the average flow showerhead.

The Pioneer Lux-Flow showerhead saves 7.5 gallons of water for a single 10-minute shower, compared to the average standard-flow showerhead.

Meets or exceeds regulations.

If your city doesn’t already require low-flow plumbing fixtures, chances are those regulations are coming soon. Think ahead
by installing Lux-Flow showerheads.

The Lux-Flow’s 1.75 gpm flow rate meets both WaterSense and CALGreen criteria, which exceed water usage regulations for most states.

Installs in minutes.

The Lux-Flow showerhead is compatible with all existing fittings, so switching takes just minutes.

Pays for itself quickly.

At an average price of $21, this upgrade pays for itself quickly, as few as 60 showers, and keeps on paying back. This upgrade earns a return on your investment quickly and delivers savings year after year.

5 versatile styles to choose from!

Cost Savings Calculator

(Based on units using 2.5 GPM showerheads for 2 10-minute showers per day and water/energy cost of $0.0512/gallon)

Lux-Flow Information Form

Our Certifications

Look for the icons below for faucets that meet or exceed regulatory standards

IAPMO Listed

ADA Compliant with The American Disability Act

Certified to NSF/ANSI 61-Annex G

Indicates products that meet low-flow requirements.

Compliant with Buy America Act allowing products to be sold to all government agencies

Indicates products that are WaterSense Certified

Compliant with federal drinking water legislation and state legislation, including AB1953, S152 and HB372

Product meets Cal Green flow standards: bath faucets with a 1.5 GPM; Kitchen faucets with a 1.8 GPM or less

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