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3 Reasons We are the Right Faucet Company for You!

We Care

Faucets and fixtures endure some of the hardest wear and tear in any commercial or residential space – and often come with the biggest price tags. You need to know that the investment you make in these products is going towards quality parts, not just vanity labels or brand names. We also understand the risk you assume when working with a new product line. We’re committed to resourcing you with every level of insight into our production and pricing to ensure you’re confident and in control of your product selection.

We Guarantee no other manufacturer is more dedicated to the satisfaction of their customer or committed to their customer’s projects’ success.


We don’t just stand behind our products; we face the customer. Everyone in our company is customer-facing. Whether you have a question for our product engineer, a complaint for the sales manager, or need help from our marketing team for a specification package. If you need to speak to someone, you can. No questions asked. No special connections needed.


Pioneer Industries is a family-owned Business selling 70,000 in-wall valves every year. We make high-quality faucets and fixtures for our customers – from the biggest builder to the individual homeowner –  without overcharging while maintaining high control over our manufacturing process to ensure our products’ quality. From customer service to Nick Eleftheriou, our President and CEO, our entire team is highly invested in your satisfaction and the value, quality, and authenticity of our products.

All of our products come with an industry-leading 10-year commercial warranty and lifetime residential warranty. (But you won’t need it)

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