The eco-friendly lifestyle is here to stay, and modern home design is leaning into this more than ever before. Some call this Biophilic architecture, designing to enhance the connection people seek with nature and life. For homeowners keeping up with the latest trends, and builders designing for the future, here’s what you need to know about the latest home and building designs of 2019.

“The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live.

It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what’s in or what’s out. This is not an easy job.” -Designer, Albert Hadley

Open Floor Plans

The home is centered around the people who live inside, and in keeping with our desire to connect with nature and life, a home that flows well for large and small gatherings, and a home that flows effortlessly from inside to out is what’s (still) in for 2019. Open floor plans, especially from the kitchen to dining and living room areas are a homeowner must-have. Open floor plans aim to make the most of every inch, and formal dining spaces which were underused in the past have been replaced with larger common spaces.

Natural Elements

Expect to see more natural design elements in home design and décor in 2019 and beyond. From stone fireplaces to natural stone and wood flooring choices, reclaimed wood, natural textiles, and plant life throughout the home, homeowners are opting to bring more of nature inside.

Home Accents

What we touch, and what we see on a daily basis in our homes, can have a subtle impact on our mood, affecting how we feel, even subconsciously, in our environment. For a more natural look and feel, homeowners are gravitating towards brass and copper light fixtures, cabinetry handles, plumbing, and sink fixtures in 2019.

Use of color

While the simplicity and visual rest of clean, white spaces, especially in kitchen and bathrooms is still at the height of design, a move towards color, even dark and emotive colors is on the rise. Homeowners are boldly incorporating navy and green hues into their cabinetry design and opting for accent walls and door colors throughout the home.

Kitchen Design

Kitchens are centered around design aesthetics, yes, but they are more importantly centered around family and shared meals. For this reason, designers are going big with their kitchen islands, offering homeowners more serving and dining space. Kitchens that open to the outdoors are in high demand as well, extending indoor dining to outdoor dining. Natural elements in the kitchen include a featured, full-tile wall, a cost-effective way to add a strong design element into the kitchen space. More popular than granite, quartz countertops are what’s hot right now, and for continuity, many designers are using matching quartz in the kitchen and bathroom.

Energy Efficient Appliances and Water Saving Faucets

Energy Star rated appliances, LEED certification, and low-flow fixtures are words of the present and the future. These energy-saving and water-reducing features are no longer optional for the modern homeowner. Environmentally-conscientious homeowners and builders not only expect to do their part in cutting down energy waste, but they also require it.

Bedroom Design

There’s no more important place to feel at peace than in the bedroom. Natural elements, restful colors, and spa-like features are the top bedroom designs of 2019. Canopy beds, luxury sheets, and indoor plants are more than just details in the modern bedroom; they are the mainstays of creating an in-home retreat.

Bathroom Design

The latest bathroom trends are ones we hope will last a long while because when it comes to luxury bathrooms, destination bathtubs and open, no-glass showers are the epitomai of self-care. Homeowners are also creating mini-retreats in their bathrooms with his and hers’ master bathrooms.

In-Home Offices

More and more companies are reducing their carbon footprint by allowing employees to work from home. The uptick in telecommuters means that more homeowners are seeking in-home office spaces. Whether the spaces are fully-dedicated offices or shared spaces, it’s a feature you’ll see more of in 2019.

Outdoor Living

From low-maintenance, low-water gardening, to extended dining and living spaces, the connection between the home and the outdoors is growing. Large, window walls, and bedroom and living spaces that open up to the outdoors is a trend that we hope to see more of in the coming years. Outdoor fireplaces and sustainable gardening are also key features in current exterior design.

Home Tech

Hello, Alexa. Hello, in-home tech. Gone are the days of traditional doorbells, home radios, and standard appliances. Thanks to in-home tech innovations, remote door locks, electronically-monitored water heaters, voice-activated lights and televisions, and home-security tech are the new norm. In-home technology is booming, and the features available to homeowners are changing the way we interact with our home.

Perhaps the most important part of home design isn’t the design itself.

Well-known designer, David Hicks, once said,

“The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” 

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