Saving time on a construction project is a key component of profitability and can make all the difference in customer satisfaction. For contractors, one of the most efficient ways to save time and money is to use easy-to-install products like the latest in quick connect technologies, flexible supply lines and optimized valve configurations from Pioneer Industries. It’s all about delivering more for your customers while costing your company less time and hassle.

3 Contractor Time-Saving Faucet Installation Features

Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets – Quick-Connect Technology

Our pull-down kitchen faucets just got even better thanks to Pioneer’s new Quick-Connect adapters. This quick connect technology is here to make your job easier. By simply inserting the spray head hose into the end of the quick connect adapter on the outlet hose, all you need to do is push until they click together, making it easier for you to install a new pull-down faucet in hard to reach and hard to see areas under the sink.

Quick Mount Kit from Pioneer

Pioneer’s quick mounting kit now makes it easier than ever to quickly and efficiently install kitchen faucets. Unlike other mounting kits, which require an additional mounting tool and numerous readjustments, the Quick-Mount enables you to use a screwdriver to align your faucet for installation. Simply align the faucet on the sink, tighten it with a screwdriver, and move on to the next step — all without having to readjust. This Quick-Mount technology makes it possible for one person to install a new kitchen sink with ease.

Bathroom & Kitchen Sink Faucets – Easy Install Flex Supply Lines

Flexible water supply lines are made up of braided nylon, stainless steel, PVC or polymer with an inner or outer core tubing. With screw-on hex nut connections, these hoses easily install to existing threaded stop valves that connect to your home’s plumbing and the sink faucet. The hex connection eliminates the need to install compression fittings and soldering copper pipes to faucet supply lines.


Pioneer Universal Tub/Shower Valve Coming Q4-2019!

Taking the best of Pioneer and Olympia’s trusted tub and shower valves; Pioneer is introducing a new Universal tub & shower valve!  The valve boasts a forged brass body for strong, durable construction and is available in a wide range of fitting options:




•PEX- Expansion

•FIP Inlet/Outlet, and more!

The valve also eliminates cartridge replacement due to debris in the lines, with the included test cap which can withstand 150 PSI air/ water pressure, allowing you to test the plumbing systems. With a host of other time saving and hassle reducing installation features the new Pioneer/Olympia Universal valves is sure to be a favorite amongst contractors across the country.

Save yourself time and effort on your next project, contact us now to learn more about Pioneer’s easy to install product features!