Maintaining a residence is a full-time job. Fall is the perfect time to do a quick check around your home to prepare for winter.  It can feel overwhelming – However, if you make a plan, you can keep your house in tip-top shape without giving yourself a headache. You may even be able to avoid costly repairs, by staying ahead of small issues before they become an expensive problem. This handy list of resolutions will help you stay on top of home maintenance this fall.


Safety Check

Start the season off on the right foot by making sure you and your family members will be safe this winter. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries as necessary. Also, check to make sure you have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, that it is in proper working order, or replacing it altogether if required.



Many times, water leaks go undetected, causing extensive, often costly damage. Take some time to inspect the areas around your shower, tub, and toilet for leaks and recaulk them as necessary. Not only will re-caulking prevent leaks, but it also refreshes and cleans up the look of the area. Another good thing to check for is dripping or leaking faucets, which can make your water bill add up. A simple fix such as tightening or replacing the washers may be all you need to repair minor leaks.


Heating and Cooling Unit 

Contact a professional HVAC company to service your unit and ensure that it can cool and heat your home adequately and efficiently. By paying a little on preventative maintenance, you’ll avoid expensive repair costs and higher electric bills as a result. Nobody wants to be sweltering hot in the summer or shivering on a cold winter night, so don’t wait, make sure your home’s A/C unit is up to the challenge. 


Windows and doors

Are your windows and doors sealed properly? Cracks around your windows and doors can cause your cold or heated air to escape your house, leading to higher utility bills. Inspect the areas around your windows and doors for cracks and add weather stripping or caulk if needed. It’s a good idea to tackle this project before the temperature extremes of winter and summer hit. If you need to replace your windows, get energy-efficient ones to ensure even lower energy usage.


Inspect Your Roof

When’s the last time you have thought about the roof that protects your head? Now is an excellent time to show it some love. Give your roof a once-over. Like any part of your house, your roof is subject to wear and tear. Check the areas around the eaves and gutters for leaks and water damage. A roof leak can lead to more significant issues, such as mold, inside your home. Don’t forget to check for any loose or missing shingles and replace them as necessary, which will help keep your home safe from storms and extreme weather.



Next, examine the siding and paint of your home. Look for any chipped or peeling paint and cracks in your siding. Touch up any damage you find on the exterior of your home. If needed, add some new caulk between siding. Now is also a great time to check for signs of foundation damage. This damage can show up as cracks in the foundation or gaps between bricks. Not only will these checks and repairs ensure your home is structurally sound, but they’ll also boost your curb appeal.



Lastly, be on the lookout for insect activity in and around your home. The summer months are when many insects are at their most active, but as it cools off during fall and winter, they may come in seeking shelter from the cold. Keep an eye out for specific pests, such as termites, roaches, ants, and other pests that may pose a threat to your home. Some insects eat and burrow through wood, which can result in structural damage to your house, and some pose health-related risks. Consider a pest control plan and regular inspections to keep these unwelcome guests at bay.

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