At Pioneer Industries, we are seeing a significant increase in the use of touchless faucets in the construction and modification of restrooms. Many businesses and even homeowners have opted to switch from manually operated faucets to sensor-activated touch-free technology at an accelerated pace. Now more than ever, it is vital for high-traffic, high-touch areas such as the restroom to upgrade to touchless sensor-operated fixtures. Touchless faucets provide numerous advantages, from minimizing the spread of germs to water conservation.

In addition to keeping employees, tenants, and guests healthy and protected – Here are the top 3 benefits of installing a sensor faucet.

  • Hygienic Operation

  The Covid-19 pandemic accentuated the importance of one of the most straightforward actions you can take to slow the spread of germs and disease. Hand washing – Proper hand hygiene remains the single most significant action an individual can choose to practice to prevent the spread of disease. According to the Business Hygiene of Central Texas, there can be up to “229,000 germs per square inch on the handles of frequently used faucets”, simply due to the practical inability “to wash your hands before turning on the sink.” With sensor technology, the first line of defense comes from not having to touch the handle with unwashed hands.

  • Conserves Water

Did you know leaving the water running while washing your hands uses an average of 4 gallons of water? With automatic shut-off, sensor faucets dramatically reduce water loss due to leaving the faucet on during handwashing. The automatic shut-off feature provides extra protection by preventing accidental, negligent, or flooding due to vandalism. The automatic water shut-off decreases needless water usage overall and reduces repair costs due to water damage.

  • ADA Accessibility

Touchless faucets are the ultimate in ADA accessibility. With sensor-activated water flow, everyone from children to older adults, and those with accessibility needs, can all enjoy easy access to running water as conveniently as activating the motion sensor. As an added safety feature, sensor faucets with temperature control mixing valves allow you to preset water temperatures to prevent scalding. 

 As day-to-day activities normalize and we return to public spaces, consumers want access to restrooms that allow for safe, touchless use. Sensor-activated faucets assist in creating a functional, safe, accessible, and environmentally resourceful way to minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria. 

We want to do our part to improve consumer confidence in a safe return to normal. Pioneer Industries offers touch-free faucets and glass fillers to facilitate proper sanitation in public spaces while promoting safe, reliable hygiene habits.

Product Spotlight

New – Touchless Sensor Glass Filler: Model #0399

Single Hole Deck Mount Electronic Sensor Drinking Faucet

Sleek, Streamlined, Touchless

All NEW! Central Brass Touchless Sensor Glass Filler is the perfect match for our family of sensor faucets. Hygienic, lead-free, and low maintenance, our touchless glass filler is durable, features long life cycles, and is engineered for easy installation, making Central Brass Touchless Faucets an easy choice. Whether for a restaurant, school, hospital, or high traffic airport, you’ll find the right solution with Central Brass.


  • Ac/DC Control Module
  • 5-3/16″ Reach, 10-1/16″ From Deck to Aerator
  • 1-Hole Installation
  • Long Battery Life with Low Battery Indicator
  • 1/4″ Push to Connect Fitting for Inlet and Outlet
  • Auto Shut-Off in 15 Seconds
Model #0399