Podcasts are having a big moment. Podcasts are like radio talk shows that you can download and listen to anywhere — and, with hundreds of different topics and categories to choose from, there’s a podcast out there for everyone. Here are five fantastic podcasts made specifically for builders and plumbing contractors:

Construction Citizen Podcast
Brought to you by actual owners, contractors, and craftspeople, this podcasts brings stories, information, and perspectives from the heart of the construction industry. They’re mission is to advance a “socially responsible, sustainable, value added construction industry” by sharing what matters most to craft professionals, project managers, and business owners within the industry.

The Plumbing Podcast
Produced by the Plumbing Contractors of America (PCA), this podcast relies on industry experts, owners, and manufacturers to offer insights to plumbing contractors on innovative new products and practices.

ConTechTrio Podcast
Hosted by the “ConTech Trio” Rob McKinney, James Benham, and Josh Bone, this podcast focuses on construction-related tech, discussing the latest apps and devices available to builders and contractors today. With extensive backgrounds in construction and safety management, Building Information Modeling software, and mobile technology, the hosts bring technology and construction together in an entirely new way.

Plumbing & HVAC Marketing Profits
Hosted by Josh Nelson, author of How to Triple Your Sales By Getting Your Internet Marketing Right, this podcast aims to help plumbing & HVAC businesses increase their sales and grow their business by more effectively marketing both online & offline. By interviewing the top plumbing businesses in the nation, this podcast’s marketing advice for plumbing contractors comes directly from the people who are doing it right.

The Pro Construction Guide Podcast
This weekly podcasts provides builders and contractors with tips on saving time and money at the jobsite, as well as interviews with manufacturers regarding industry trends, and advice from accountants, marketing specialists, and other industry consultants.

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