Even in 2018, manually entering data at construction job sites is still extremely common – so common, in fact, one third of project managers are still using pen and paper to track their data. But manually collecting data at job sites can lead to inaccuracies when it comes to work orders, quality, and claim information. Thankfully, there are plenty of platforms out there for you to choose from that help you efficiently and accurately manage your project’s data. Here are five of our favorites:

1) Procore
Procore is a multi-family management system that allows you to manage multiple projects all in one place, making it an ideal solution for bigger companies and firms. The software includes real-time information capture, document management tools, and allows you to track every user’s activity, making it easy to keep tabs on your employees. Plus, Procore makes it easy to provide your owners and stakeholders with total visibility by giving them real-time updates, alerting them to any major status changes that need to be addressed.

2) TrackVia
TrackVia is all about making acquiring and analyzing data as easy as possible. By utilizing user-friendly mobile apps that all employees can use to gather data, collecting data at your job site becomes a much more streamlined, speedy process. TrackVia also stores and centralizes all of your data in easy to understand spreadsheets, taking the headache out of using hard-to-understand spreadsheets and data entry platforms.

3) CoConstruct
In terms of streamlining your finances, CoConstruct has you covered. It allows each user to enter a piece of data once, and then effortlessly flows that information directly through the rest of the process — from specs, to selections, bids, and budgets — without ever having to enter it again.

4) Buildertrend
Buildertrend is a project management software that incorporates project scheduling, project management, financial management, service management, and customer management all within a single platform. It’s a cloud-based platform, meaning there’s nothing to install or download, and you can access it from any computer or mobile browser anywhere you have an internet connection.

5) PlanGrid
Built more with contractors and design teams in mind, PlanGrid provides the entire team with access to all drawings, specifications, and progress photos. Any new additions or revisions are automatically synced and sent to the rest of the team, making collaboration a breeze.