Choosing the right bathroom faucet for your multi-family or student housing can be challenging. You need to keep within budget but you still want top-notch quality. It may feel like you have to sacrifice style in order to satisfy both budget and function.

Well, that’s not necessarily true. Sure, bathroom design considerations are more challenging with multi-family and student housing, but that doesn’t mean your options are limited. As with all design considerations, choosing the right bathroom faucet depends on a few factors that are unique to multi-family residence and student housing.

Consider the Resident Demographics

It’s important to consider the demographics of the residents before choosing a bathroom faucet style. 

Multi-Family Demographics

Not all multi-family residences are the same. Length of residence is one of the primary factors to consider. For apartments or condominiums, a longer stay is preferred, so you may want to consider investing in a unique style that entices potential residents to sign an agreement. 

But, are they renting or purchasing? 

For rentals, residents may not be as concerned about unique style, meaning building owners and designers can create standard bathroom styles that are both attractive and functional. 

But for condominium residents, they want more choice. Ensuring a selection of bathroom faucet options are available for residents to purchase with upgrades takes a little planning and budgeting. 

Student Housing

On the other hand, student housing is quite different from other multi-family residences. Students are by nature transient — at most, they will be living in the residence for around four years. But students also move quite frequently, so the likelihood of students remaining in the building after one school year is less than likely. 

Student housing also poses a unique challenge because the bathrooms see so much traffic and need cleaning quite frequently (mostly after they move out, since they will be too busy with ‘studies’ to clean during the year). These are all factors to take into consideration when designing student housing bathrooms and choosing the right bathroom faucet style. 

However, just because a bathroom sees a lot of traffic or the residents may not be living there for an extended length of time doesn’t mean building owners and designers can’t offer designs that are top-quality, stylish and won’t break the bank.

What Bathroom Layout Are You Working With?

Bathroom layout and faucet design go hand-in-hand. The bathroom layout influences what sink, shower and tub options are available. And that impacts what faucet designs you have to work with. 

Bathrooms in multi-family residences and student housing tend to be on the smaller size, so keeping it simple and classic might be your best option. After all, a large faucet won’t work well with a small sink. 

But this doesn’t mean the faucets available for your design don’t work with the latest trends for 2020. To check out some of the hottest 2020 bathroom trends, click here

If space doesn’t allow for a unique style, you might want to consider a unique finish, like black matte or brushed gold, to create interest while still keeping it simple and functional. But don’t worry, when you purchase from the right company, these luxury finishes aren’t luxury prices! 

Decor Matters

Like faucet design, decor is also dictated by bathroom layouts, particularly when it comes to size. With mid to smaller sized bathrooms, using designs with big, bold statements generally aren’t going to cut it. They can make the space feel overwhelming and even smaller. 

Simple decor doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice on style though. It’s the finishing touches that make all the difference. Start with a clean, neutral palette and add flair with the details, such as faucets, to create a stunning bathroom design that suits all multi-family and student housing needs. 

Brightening the space with uncommon lighting to highlight the beauty of the fixtures can create the illusion of luxury while still keeping in the budget and functional needs of the building. There are many visual tricks you can use to create the illusion of space without breaking the budget while still fulfilling the functional needs of the residents. To learn more tricks for small space design, click here

Accessibility and Sustainability

While this does fall under the umbrella of resident demographics, it’s important to note that accessibility and sustainability are becoming an increasing concern for many residents. 

Reducing water waste is of utmost concern to both our customers and ourselves. That’s why we take extra care to ensure all our faucets meet or exceed the criteria of EPA’s WaterSense Partner program. 

Not only does this help ensure we, and you, are doing our part for climate change, but this also helps our customers save hundreds of dollars on water expenses with our low flow faucets. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability

We also know that a large portion of our customers, and your residents, experience accessibility barriers. We want to help address that. Many of our faucets are lightweight and easy to handle. We also have a line of faucets that comply with ADA (The American Disability Act) requirements.  

Are You Ready?

Choosing the right bathroom faucet style for multi-family and student housing can be challenging. We know this and we’re here to help every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service, professional installation service, quality and affordability, and our commitment to our warranties and our multiple certifications.

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