Are you a farmhouse fan? The farmhouse style of decor is known for a classically rustic look that brings warmth and originality into any home.

Some people like to mix the farmhouse style with modern decor. Others stick to the traditional look, using an abundance of natural elements, wooden pieces and reclaimed items to create the full effect of a farmhouse. 

Typically, homeowners incorporate a farmhouse theme in their kitchens and bathrooms. 

So, what are the latest trends and how can you achieve a farmhouse-styled kitchen or bathroom? 

Let’s find out.

 This kitchen has black subway tile, marble countertops, white cabinetries and a silver sink. The sink fixtures are silver, and there is a vase with eucalyptus and a wine rack on the counter.


Build Your Farmhouse Kitchen

When you think of a farmhouse kitchen, you’re probably imagining lots of browns, rustic items and repurposed furniture. 

A few other ways to spot a farmhouse kitchen are: 

  • Wood accents 
  • Open shelving
  • Lots of storage
  • Hardwood floors
  • Metal light fixtures
  • Long, wooden farm tables 
  • Wooden live-edge islands
  • Reclaimed and exposed wood beams
  • Thick, butcher block islands and countertops
  • White farmhouse cabinets
  • Patterned pillows, curtains, tablecloths
  • White color schemes
  • Apron-front sinks 
  • Retro faucets 

Let’s see a few of these in action. 

Traditionally Rustic

This kitchen has tan, granite countertops paired with dark cabinetry. There is a silver refrigerator and stove, along with a silver sink and silver faucet fixtures.

Our two-handle farmhouse kitchen faucet blends perfectly with this bold kitchen, featuring dark wood cabinets and rustic, low-hanging light fixtures. The warmth exuding from this setup is palpable.

Pastoral Elegance

This kitchen design shows light grey cabinetry, a white countertop and a white farmhouse sink under a large window. There’s a bowl of fruit on the counter, and there’s white subway tile used as the backsplash in the space.

This white apron-front farmhouse kitchen sink complements the surrounding light grays. Tons of storage and cabinetry point to a light farmhouse feel while simultaneously giving off a modern ambiance.

Farmhouse Meets Fabulous

This large kitchen design features distressed, white cabinetry with a white and grey marble countertop. There’s a tiled backsplash, a white rug, a wine cooler and a vase featured in the space, too.


Ever wondered what a twist on a galley kitchen might look like? With the amount of storage here and an extended curved countertop, this is your answer. The exposed wood beams further help to tie in the modern farmhouse feel.

Our two-handle kitchen bridge faucet with a Moroccan Bronze finish serves as a striking focal point that contrasts with the white and gray palette in the kitchen, pulling the final look together. 

A Clean Design

This kitchen design has a patterned backsplash with lit cabinetry. There is also some exposed shelving with yellow bowels, a blue vase and a green plant displayed.


White is an ongoing theme when it comes to the farmhouse style. In this scene, two white cabinets flank a matching range hood. Below, our brushed nickel deck mount pot filler fits in seamlessly to create a clean, sleek farmhouse feel.

White and Bright

This all white kitchen design has white cabinetry, white countertops and white backsplashes throughout the design. There’s gold hardware in the space, and there’s a bronze pot filler located above the stove.


This looks familiar — another stunning, white kitchen. 

This time, a rustic wreath lies in front of the white range hood that has a hurricane insert, which is great for keeping the air in your kitchen fresh by expelling dirt and grease.

Our oil-rubbed bronze wall mount pot filler not only looks flawless but modernizes the space with a touch of minimalism thanks to its small footprint. 

It also contributes to a cleaner kitchen as there is no base for a build-up of hard water to collect. At the same time, the faucet adds an industrial vibe to the space. 

Cool, Copper Kitchen

This sink design has a copper faucet and a silver sink. There’s a marble countertop and a grey backsplash.


Nothing amplifies a farmhouse look like copper elements.

This oil-rubbed bronze (an alloy of copper) fixture features a pull-down faucet, making tasks like washing up or filling pots easier and more convenient.

The marble countertop gives off modern vibes, but the two elements synthesize with each other, producing a timeless, luxurious look and feel.

How To Create a Farmhouse Bathroom

Farmhouse bathrooms tend to be homey, inviting you to relax in your country-style bathtub or lounge under a spa-like rain shower. 

More farmhouse bathroom traits include: 

  • Wooden farmhouse benches
  • Wooden shelving and vanities
  • White color schemes
  • Exposed light bulbs
  • Exposed plumbing
  • Wooden shiplap
  • Oversized sinks
  • Wicker baskets 
  • Framed mirrors
  • Mosaic tiling

Let’s see how these elements are utilized.

Chrome Accents

This bathroom design features a large vanity with a sink. The cabinetry is a dark wood while the backsplash is a dark grey and white patterned. There is a brown towel hanging on the towel bar and a black vase holding white stemmed flowers in the corner of the vanity.


Sometimes, simple brown cabinets are enough to capture the farmhouse style in your bathroom. In this example, our chrome farmhouse bathroom faucet suitably draws in the old with the new while remaining traditional and classic.

Double Sink Design

This small bathroom has white sinks and white cabinetry. There is a dark, tiled wall in the space and a light green stool sitting against the wall.


Here’s yet another example of modern meets rustic. The polished frameless mirrors and gray walls mix well with our two handle widespread faucet, oozing luxury in this relatively small space. 

Add in a light green rustic bench with a flowered top to showcase your farmhouse romance, and you’ve got one unique bathroom.

Tranquil and Traditional 

This bathroom has a white, freestanding tub with a silver faucet. There are trees featured in the space while a wooden stool is in front of the tub holding towels and bottles.


This standalone bathtub is the definition of luxury against the off-black backdrop. And the freestanding floor mount faucet from our Motegi collection keeps things clean-cut while sprinkling in some drama.

The wooden farmhouse bench switches things up with its homey feel. Remember, sometimes it takes just one piece to achieve the ideal blend of modern and rustic. 

Exposed Pipe Elegance

 A white sink is mounted to a tan wall. There is exposed piping and silver fixtures.

Oversized sinks and exposed plumbing really take you back in time. These give off an industrial feel and have that raw, down-to-earth vibe that one often finds at the farm. 

Pair your oversized sink with our wall mount service sink faucet and you’ve got the full farmhouse package — traditional, long-lasting fixtures for your home. Top-quality always prevails.

Simple and Airy

This vanity features white cabinetry, a grey countertop, silver faucet, a white-framed mirror, a plant and wall art.


In this example, the framed mirror and partially exposed light bulbs really bring the farmhouse feel to life in this bathroom. Shown in classical chrome, our farmhouse bathroom faucet ties in the gray polished countertops and balances out the modern decor. 

Calming Farmhouse Feels

 This shower design incorporates grey tiles with a light blue shower curtain. There is a silver faucet and features and a bar of soap, a candle and a shampoo dispenser in the shower.

Light tones may or may not be used to captivate a pastoral farmhouse feel. In this instance, the light blue curtains and towel add warmth, comfort and charm to the space — all factors that farmhouse designs encompass. 

Add a large farmhouse-style showerhead and a wooden basket to the design, and you’ve got the makings of an updated farmhouse bathroom on your hands. 

Ready to Bring the Farm to Your House? 

Building a farmhouse-style bathroom or kitchen doesn’t need to be difficult. And with us, you get the full farmhouse package down to the sustainability factor — reclaiming old pieces and using low-flow faucets are a wise contribution to bettering our planet. 

Our goals center around values like durability, environmental friendliness, efficiency and high quality, as we go beyond just making our products stylish for your design.

Our 1.75 (GPM) WaterSense Product Certification means you can feel rest assured your items are beautiful and eco-friendly.

There’s also our 10-year commercial warranty, so you can feel confident knowing you’re dealing with experienced and reliable professionals who don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk.

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