Laundry rooms are for washing, drying and folding clothes, but they can also be so much more.

Incorporating a utility sink into a laundry room design significantly increases the convenience that a laundry room provides. A utility sink and brass laundry faucet create a space for pre-rinsing closes, cleaning paint brushes, washing muddy boots and more. The added convenience is well worth the investment.

Whether you’re designing a laundry room that will serve multiple units in a building, a laundry room for individual units or a laundry room for a single-family home, creating a multi-functional space will add more convenience for the tenants or homeowner. 

The Benefits of Brass Faucets for Laundry Rooms


The rough brass finish on these laundry room sink faucets is durable and can stand up to heavy use over time, making it the best faucet for a laundry room sink. If you keep up with regular faucet maintenanceit will last for years to come.

Easy Installation

Whether you choose a faucet with IP or copper sweat union inlets, brass laundry faucets can be easily installed on laundry room utility sinks. Before starting any installation though, it’s important to know what kind of faucet you have and what you are going to replace it with.

Multiple Mounting Options

No matter what utility sink you choose for your laundry rooms, there is a brass laundry faucet that will fit your needs. From straddle legs to extended hole mount legs to wall mounts, these options will make it easy to fit the brass faucet into the laundry room.

Side-Mounted Lever Handles

The side-mounted lever handles are easy to grab and manipulate. With a lever for hot and a lever for cold, you have full control over managing the temperature and getting it just right.

Hose Thread

The spout includes a hose thread, so you can connect a hose quickly when necessary.

Pipe Connection Options

Most brass faucets offer two connection options: IP or copper sweat union inlets. These two options ensure that the project lead will be able to decide on the best connection method for your building.

Quick Leak Fix

If the faucet begins to leak, the quick-pression quarter-turn stems make fixing leaks quick and easy. And it saves money because you won’t have to replace the entire faucet.

These five brass faucets showcase everything we love about function and utility.

1. Sweat Union Inlets


This style of brass laundry faucet uses sweat union inlets and is favored by contractors because of its easy installation which saves time on large jobs, especially in a commercial application. While these are available to everyone, they are best installed by an experienced plumber.

2. Extended Straddle Legs


With the extended straddle legs and angled spout, this laundry room sink faucet adds clearance so you won’t run out of room. It can be mounted using a mounting block or mounted directly to the wall using the rear straddle leg. The added clearance and mounting options make it perfect for both residential and commercial applications

3. Extended Hole Mount Legs


If you don’t have or don’t want to use a mounting block but want the faucet to be significantly higher than the sink, this one with extended hole mount legs is a great choice. The angled 6” reach tube and 8 ½” high swivel spout create even more space to work. 

4. Wall Mount 


This brass laundry faucet mounts directly to the wall with its offset legs. This eliminates the needs for the extra mounting block, streamlining the installation process. It also allows for IP or sweat union inlet installation, giving you and your contractor more options when it comes time to install.

5. Lever Handles


This style of brass faucet features a lever handle for easy manipulation. The flat design of the lever handle and easy-to-identify colors on the hot and cold handles make this ideal for a laundry room. Straddle legs sit on a mounting block for easy installation.

Choose Pioneer for Your Laundry Room Faucet

All of our Central Brass laundry room sink faucets are high-quality commercial faucets that include modern styles and features. Backed by an industry-leading 10-year commercial installation warranty, our faucets have been the go-to resource for plumbers for over 100 years. The reliability and superior craftsmanship of Pioneer products will allow you to upgrade your next project without busting your budget.

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