This bathroom design features shower marble walls, silver fixtures and a white bathtub and vanity. The wall behind the vanity is a wood-like paneling.


Why should you settle for anything less than comfort, luxury and joy in your shower? Freshening up is not about getting in, getting clean and getting out. With the right shower accessories, there’s so much more to it! 

Do you splurge on maximizing comfort in all other areas of your home but fail to see the possibilities in your bathroom? 

With the right bathroom shower accessories, you can make an event of showering — even if it’s just for five minutes. Some items will even have you wanting to stay drenched for hours. 

Shower additions can be fun, practical, environmentally friendly and even life-saving. Of the many accessories out there, we’re going to sprinkle you with just 10 of the best accessories you need for your shower. 

For all the skeptics, we’ll start with the fun stuff.

1. Phone Holders 

There is one black phone holder stuck to the shower wall and one to the bathroom mirror. A person is touching the phone screen which says TikTok.


A typical shower has little space for holding all the things. This is crazy considering how many of us go into the shower to lounge, listen to music, use our phone, and get clean. 

The outside world is finally catering to what really happens inside of our sanctuary. Phone holders are available so you can keep your phone mounted out of the water stream and listen to your favorite band or watch that viral video. 

Can it get more perfect? Just wait.

2. Water-Resistant Shower Speakers

This blue, waterproof and bluetooth speaker has a suction cup that can be applied straight to the shower wall.


The party doesn’t stop when your shower door opens. Carry in a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker with you, and let the music continue to play. 

The entire family will enjoy this one, including the kids who want to bop to the latest hits and the adults who just want to sing their hearts out. We’re looking at you, shower songstress.

3. Shower Curtain Liner With Pockets 

A clear shower liner has pockets to store devices. There are two phones and a white tablet being held by this shower liner.


A shower curtain that doesn’t just hang there? Who knew! 

Indeed, the multifunctional curtain rave has arrived at our bathroom doorstep and even entered our showers. 

A shower curtain liner with pockets means you can worry less about shelving and storage and still hold everything you need close at hand. From holding shampoo to housing that waterproof speaker or your phone, the options are endless. 

4. Expandable Bathtub Caddy

This bathroom design has a large, white tub filled with bubbles and rose petals. The tub also has an expandable bathtub caddy with a glass of wine, a candle and a book placed on it.


Your bathtub — actually, any bathtub — is the ideal place to sit back and bask in the comfort of your bathroom. But, as we’ve noted before, you’re going to need a few personal items to really elevate the experience.

In addition to your phone holder, you can enjoy a nice book and a candlelit bath with an extendable shower caddy. This shower accessory offers even more space to hold all your lounging items, plus some.

Additionally, they tend to come in luxurious-looking styles and a range of price tags. You’ll be living it up without bursting your wallet — the best of both worlds.

While you’re having a good time under the water, you also want to make sure your shower and bath design is safe. The next few accessories will do the trick. 

5. Shower Bench

This shower has a clear shower door with a silver bar handle and silver shower fixtures. There are marble tiles to make up the siding of the shower.


Who says showers are for standing? Shower benches allow you to sit and relax — the ultimate shower accessory for those of us who really just love getting away for a while.

Shower benches are also a safety accessory for people with disabilities, the elderly or for when you just need to take extra precautions while showering. They are also great for getting shampoo bottles and such off of the ground — nobody wants to trip over a bottle while getting in and out of the shower.

6. Grab Bars for Safety

This white tub has marble siding with silver fixtures, including a shower bar. There is a white towel draped over the tub siding.

According to a report from the CDC, over 80% of all bathroom-related injuries happen due to falls. Because of this, grab bars are must-have shower accessories. 

You may also want to install one near your toilet and tub, if you have one.

Once you find a supplier who has grab bars that meet ADA standards, take your pick. There are wavy and straight grab bars, grab bar clamps, angled and corner grab bars and even retractable grab bars.

You can easily get a grab bar to match the rest of your bathroom’s theme, so you’ll be showering in safety and in style.

7. ADA-Compliant Shower Valves 

 This white bathtub has silver fixtures with a dark, marble shower siding.


Your shower valves should also follow compliance policies. Thankfully, a quality valve doesn’t require a ton of time to install. Pioneer’s shower valves are ADA-compliant and water-efficient — go green! 

Plus, they’re built to last without breaking the bank. 

Pioneer valves are reliable, as is our team. We refuse to sacrifice quality, so you can expect to get a top-notch product and the support you need at every step of the way.

8. An Eco-Friendly Luxurious Shower Head

This shower has elongated, darker tiles as the siding. The fixtures have a matte gunmetal finish.


Is there such a thing as going too green? Some approaches can be more aggressive, but others are easy, like switching out your shower head to a Lux-Flow Showerhead — saving water and money. 

The Lux-FlowTM system (patent-pending) is built to give you or your client the same high-pressure shower experience you get with regular showers but saves 30% more water than traditional showerheads.

Don’t worry — we crunched the numbers. 

During a 10-minute shower with the Lux-Flow showerhead, you save 7.5 gallons in comparison to average showers. The Lux-Flow showerhead quickly pays for itself and continues to give back in savings every year. 

Because the Lux-Flow showerhead is easy to install, switching it out with your regular showerhead takes just minutes, and it follows all the necessary regulations.

9. Matching Shower and Tub Trims 

This bathroom design incorporates a white tub, toilet and vanity. The siding is a dark, tile design. The bath fixtures are silver, and there is a small white towel draped over the siding.


For all the wear and tear of faucets and fixtures, it’s mind-boggling how most people don’t pay attention to the quality they’re buying in their shower accessories. And let’s not forget the often-overblown price tag.

There are a few things to look for in your faucets and fixtures: 

  1. Durability 
  2. Reasonable prices
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Easy installation
  5. Style variety 
  6. Regulation adherence 

Don’t fret! You can get all of these in Pioneer’s tub and shower trims selection. We pride ourselves on longevity, fair prices and products that make your life easier. 

But, why should you match your shower and tub trims? 

There are two possible reasons :

  1. Matching trims create harmony and peace of mind.
  2. If you consider selling your house in the future, this impressive attention to detail will be a great selling point. 

10. Dual Shower Heads

This shower design has a small, zig-zag tile design. The shower fixtures are silver, and there is a rectangle cut-out in the siding to make a shelf.


A showerhead and handheld shower set takes you to the next level. 

Also called dual showerheads, these often come with features like different shower settings and boast gorgeous chrome finishes. There is so much convenience in having a handheld showerhead — if you have a pull-down kitchen faucet, you already have some idea of this.

Combined with a fixed shower head which you can use at the same time, there’s just no stopping you. Clean your dog in a jiffy. Don’t get soap in your kids’ faces. 

Most importantly, you’ll get a more thorough clean since you can direct your showerhead wherever you want.

Quality Shower Accessories With No Sacrifice

This walk-in shower has white flooring and dark marble siding. The fixtures are silver, and there is a light incorporated in the shower design.

You should have access to everything you need to make your shower exactly how you or your clients want it. Hopefully, this article has given you a headstart on the must-have shower accessories to level up your game.

Of course, gaining access doesn’t mean bypassing price. Your most essential shower accessories like showerheads, faucets, fixtures and the trims to go with them tend to be hot on the market. 

We are the exception. 

Pioneer unites quality and price for you to get a winning shower and bath design. Why? 

Because we care. We care enough to push aside the curtain and reveal full production insight into how we work so you can make decisions confidently and stay in control of your product selection.

And we care enough to offer a 10-year-commercial installation warranty and limited lifetime warranty for residential use. Contact us today. We’d love to hear from you!