Choosing a showerhead for your master bath can be both exciting and overwhelming. Faucet and showerhead fixtures are those little things that bring the bathroom’s look together. Plus, who doesn’t want a luxurious shower? 

But a lot of homeowners struggle between style, quality and budget. With a lot of manufacturers, in order to have style and quality, they have to break the bank. So homeowners end up sacrificing by choosing a lower quality showerhead that they just aren’t happy with. 

Homeowners shouldn’t have to make that sacrifice! Our showerhead collections have everything you need for your master bath: quality, style and affordability. All you need to do is decide which showerhead is perfect for your master bath, and let us do the rest.

To give you a little help, we’ve compiled this list of showerheads that are sure to get the inspiration flowing!

1.  The Rain Showerhead

There’s nothing like a rain shower to make you feel like you’re bathing in luxury. Rain showerheads are perfect because they fit into any shower style, any color and any decor. Our rain showerheads are Lux-Flow™ meaning we make a showerhead that gives you all the comfort of a rain shower but at a fraction of the water usage. 

Pioneer’s Lux-Flow™ showerheads come in five styles that are all WaterSense Certified and are covered under our industry-leading 10-year warranty. 

Now doesn’t that sound like a zen luxury shower to you?

2.  The Handheld Showerhead Combo


A handheld shower faucet is not just an added bit of luxury, it’s also incredibly useful. This Elite single handle tub/shower trim set is the perfect addition to a shower, particularly for those with mobility challenges. 

All our customers matter to us. That’s why we make a lot of our handheld showerheads in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Offering a mobile, lightweight solution that all homeowners can use is part of our mission. Plus, these showerheads fit into almost all shower designs. 

To find out more about our commitment to Americans with disabilities, click here

3. Multiple Showerhead Functions for Easy Use

Bathroom design trends have become really malleable these days, and that’s a great thing. There’s a design trend for every discerning taste and needs. But that can also be overwhelming! 

A great place to focus is also on multifunction showerheads. Everyone loves options; give occupants the luxury of choosing the strength and pattern of water their showerhead produces is sure to be a hit. 

You can choose from three, four or five function showerheads, all available in multiple finishes, so you can get form and function together. Some also come with a pulsating function, like our Three Function Pulsating showerhead

For more inspiration for the latest 2020 bathroom trends, check out this article

4.  Showerhead Finishes You’ll Love to See


Metallics in a variety of colors is one of the hottest trends for 2020, and it’s here to stay. And when you choose Pioneer, having both luxury and quality doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. We have several finishes to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect look for your design.

Traditionally, matte black or brushed gold have been relegated to the super-lux or sleek modern minimalist bathroom design. Not so anymore! Either style can work really well with a multitude of designs. Matte black dovetails beautifully with a rustic Mediterranean look while brushed gold is at home with simple, neutral tones. We recently added new finish options to our lineup, including matte black and brushed gold, so you can get the look you want with the quality you deserve. 

Are You Ready?

Choosing the right showerhead for your master bathroom can feel intimidating. That’s why, when it comes to all things bathroom, we’re here to help every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service, professional installation service, quality and affordability, and our commitment to our warranties and our multiple certifications. We want our customers to know we’re homeowners, too. 

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