Building or refitting a multi-family building comes with the challenge of choosing fixtures that will suit a variety of design styles — styles as unique as the tenants who choose to live in your building. Trends come and go, but a truly timeless faucet design will stand the test of time, year after year.

The right bathroom or kitchen faucet will allow each tenant to make their unique mark on the space without being hindered by overly trendy hardware that’s gone out of style. 

What Is a Timeless Design?

A timeless faucet design is one that is first and foremost functional and durable. Durable features ensure that the faucet will stand up to constant use and tenant turnover as the years go by. 

The faucet should also be environmentally-friendly and forward-thinking as conserving water and energy becomes more and more important. With graceful lines, smooth curves and an elegant finish, a timeless faucet design is the best choice for nearly any bathroom or kitchen.

Why Choose a Timeless Faucet Design

Keeps Up With Changing Trends

One of the best things about a timeless faucet design is its ability to look great regardless of the surrounding style. Timeless bathroom designs feature faucets that stand the test of time whether integrated into a mid-century modern, contemporary or traditional style. Kitchen faucets will continue to pull their weight even as kitchen trends change or come back in style — we’re looking at you, modern farmhouse.

Durable for Years of Use

As a multi-family building owner, you likely don’t want to replace faucets and fixtures every time a new design trend sweeps the market. And in that same vein, you don’t want to have to replace faucets frequently or every time a unit turns over. A durable faucet contributes to a timeless kitchen design as it will continue to look great for years to come.

Make a Beautiful Statement

Timeless doesn’t have to mean boring. There is something about a timeless faucet design that really steals the show — without being showy. With elegant lines and stately finishes, they can complement any kitchen or bathroom design whether it’s more traditional or  something a little edgier.

How to Choose a Timeless Faucet

Type of Building and Number of Bathrooms

The type of multi-family building being built or renovated will have a large influence on which faucet design you choose. First, consider the use of the building and the number of tenants in each unit. Small one or two-bedroom units won’t have as many people using the fixtures as larger three or four-bedroom units or townhouses.

The number of bathrooms will also impact your choice. A one-bathroom unit with five tenants will receive more wear and tear than a three-bathroom unit, as the use will be spread across more faucets.

Budget and Margin

The more it costs to build a multi-family building, the more you will need to charge in rent to keep your margins where you need them to be. So knowing your budget will be a substantial consideration when choosing a faucet. Luckily, Pioneer’s top-notch designs and high-quality construction mean that you can get a timeless faucet while staying within your budget.


Faucets in a building that houses older residents are likely to last longer than in housing that primarily serves families with young children. Factoring in the demographics of your building when choosing a faucet can help you determine the level of durability you need.

Style and Finish

Especially when renovating, before you choose a style, you should determine what type of faucet you haveball, cartridge or compression. This will help you decide what style you want to choose for your bathroom and kitchen faucets. While you don’t necessarily have to choose the same style, knowing what you have will help you decide if you want to stay with that style or move on with a different one as each comes with its own pros and cons.

Timeless finishes support a variety of design styles and aesthetics as tenants come and go and make the space their own. Chrome and Brushed Nickel are two finishes that bring timeless sophistication to any space. They will fit into the design rather than guide it.

Choose Your Timeless Faucet Design With Pioneer

Durable and Sustainable

As a global driver in water conservation and design efficiency, Pioneer manufactures durable faucets that will fit into your building with their bold designs and sustainability. We also offer high-performance low-flow faucets that meet or even exceed the EPA’s WaterSense program. Our low-flow faucets can save the average family up to 700 gallons of water each year! Just look for the WaterSense logo on the product page.


Our faucets require minimal maintenance to look great for years to come. A daily wipedown will help maintain its finish and a weekly clean around the base will reduce mineral buildup. Cleaning the faucet aerator monthly will ensure that it stays in good shape. Informing your tenants of easy maintenance practices can help keep the faucets in each unit looking and working great.

Warranty and Support

Pioneer faucets come with an industry-leading 10-year commercial installation warranty, so you can be confident that the kitchen and bathroom faucets you choose will be supported.

Contact us today to check out our timeless faucet designs that will fit perfectly in your multi-family building!