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Introducing Pioneer’s patent-pending technology which amplifies the feel of every drop of water, transforming a low-flow shower into a truly indulgent experience. With a 1.75 gallon per minute (GPM) flow rate, Lux-Flow saves an incredible 7.5 gallons of water for a single 10-minute shower. Big savings for your budget, water, and energy usage, all while enjoying a highly-satisfying shower experience.

What’s to love about our Lux-Flow showerheads

  • Energy Savings
  • Low Cost to Switch
  • Showerhead Pays for Itself in Savings
  • 5 Styles to Choose from, to Fit Your Bathroom Design
  • 1.75 (GPM) WaterSense Certified, So You Can Conserve Water with Confidence
  • Backed By Our 10-year Commercial Warranty


  • A Truly Luxurious Shower Experience

Choose from 5 versatile styles that work beautifully with your existing trim. Switching out your old showerhead takes just a few minutes. You’ll love saving money, water, and energy when you feel how luxurious your shower can be while doing it.

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Lux-Flow Product Spotlight: Model #SH-602


  • Single Function Rain Showerhead
  • Rub-Clean Anti-Scale Spray
  • Brass Ball Swivel Joint
  • 6″ Face
  • With Air Inject Turbine Technology
  • 1.75 GPM @ 80 PSI