Nothing says luxury like his and hers bathrooms. For busy families or the couple who just likes their own space, his and hers bathrooms are a great alternative to the standard single-use sink. They allow for individuality, comfort and convenience that a standard master bathroom doesn’t allow. 

His and hers bathrooms are a unique home feature that not only allows for a more relaxed and individual bathroom experience but houses with a his and hers bathroom sell approximately 5.9% higher than listing price, according to Zillow.

We’ve created this guide to help homeowners with their own master bathroom designs and to facilitate the decision to move to a his and hers bathroom style.

What Is a His and Hers Bathroom?


First, what is a his and hers master bathroom? It’s a bathroom style that is split into two sections to allow for double use. It generally includes two separate sinks (sometimes attached via a long countertop, but they can also be entirely independent units). There can also be two toilets, and sometimes even two separate baths and/or showers. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

There are two discrete categories of his and hers bathroom designs: separate and semi-separate bathroom style. And they’re exactly what they sound like. 

A semi-separate his and hers bathroom style is one room, broken into two discrete sections — his and hers. This separation can be to varying degrees. Sometimes it’s just his and hers sinks, and sometimes it’s everything including the shower and tub. But the key factor is it’s all one room, so there is no privacy between the two sections. 

Conversely, a separate his and hers bathroom is exactly that: separate. They are two discrete rooms that are usually adjoining. Sometimes they adjoin with one another directly, and sometimes they adjoin via the master bedroom. 

Which one you choose depends on your specific needs. If you are a couple who likes their individual privacy or work on completely different schedules, you may want to consider separate bathrooms. But if you have less extra space or don’t want to be so far away from your spouse, a  semi-separate one might be the better option.

Why Do You Want a His and Hers Bathroom?

A his and hers bathroom is the ultimate luxury, but it’s something that almost all homeowners can have — all it takes is a little space and ingenuity. But why would you want a his and hers bathroom?

Gone are the days where one income could support the entire family. Almost all couples live on dual-income, meaning two separate (and very busy) schedules. And we all know what it’s like when everyone needs the bathroom at the same time. 

A his and hers bathroom is a great solution for busy couples on different schedules and different requirements (think a lower sink or bathtub instead of a shower). A his and her bathroom enables everyone to have a bathroom designed to their own tastes and needs. 

Things to Consider When Designing a His and Hers Bathroom


Embarking on a his and hers bathroom renovation or designing one for your new build can be exciting! But there are a few things to consider before doing so. 

Residents’ Needs 

You’d think just the fact that having a his and hers bathroom is considering the residents’ needs, but you might be missing a few key variables. 

Residents’ needs can vary considerably. From accessibility and mobility concerns to space and sensory needs, each design should be specific to that individual. 

For some residents, separate tubs and showers are important. For some, a walk-in shower is what they are looking for (maybe with a rainshower head), but some may want a clawfoot tub for a soak after a long day working on their feet. Other considerations can be a handheld showerhead combo, for people with mobility issues or young kids. 

Design and Aesthetic

Design and aesthetics go hand in hand with residents’ needs. A lot of homeowners want to express their individual style along with having their needs met: This is where separate his and hers bathroom work in your favor. 

With separate his and hers bathrooms, you can keep the same floor design, but the aesthetic can be tailored to each individual. Where she may want lighter shades, like cream or white, he may want a more robust wood tone. She may want a luxurious clawfoot tub, but he may want a large walk-in shower with marble seating. 

If you’re working with a smaller space, there are a few things you can do to individualize your experience. Floating shelves help lift storage off of a small floor footprint, giving a breezier look that doesn’t feel cramped. Bright lighting can help make a space look larger, and oversized mirrors can help to open up the space as well. 

Budget and Maintenance

While a his and hers bathroom renovation might seem like an expensive undertaking, there are ways to make it more affordable. 

If you are working on a tighter budget (or smaller space), see if there are any overlaps in function. Is it just the vanity that needs to be separate and the tub and shower can be shared? Or perhaps you both want your own shower but don’t need a freestanding tub as well. Really think about what it is you need, functionally, and then weave that into your budget. 

Accessories such as towel racks and smaller items such as faucets can make a huge difference in both style and budget. Many homeowners think that in order to have the highest quality, they have to sacrifice both budget and style, or vice versa. This isn’t true. 

Pioneer faucets are made with the highest quality materials and come with an industry-leading lifetime residential warranty. Plus, they look gorgeous and come in a variety of styles and finishes, with something for both him and her. 

Some finishes require a gentler touch than others. For example, a brushed brass finish will hide fingerprints better than a chrome finish will, but both require a soft cloth for cleaning. For more information on bathroom faucet maintenance, check out this useful guide

What His-and-Hers Bathroom Design Style Is Best for You?


Choosing a his and hers bathroom design can be an intimidating process. But starting with what your needs are will help you narrow down what design will work for you. Maybe you need to incorporate a touchless faucet, or perhaps a handheld shower faucet. Or perhaps you are hoping for separate spaces. Whatever your needs are, there is a solution.

Are you ready to get started? Pioneer has a full range of bathroom faucet and showerhead designs perfect for your his and hers bathroom needs. Check out our 2021 catalog, or contact us today to speak with one of our skilled team members.