Owners of multi-family buildings want materials of the highest quality that are stylish — but that are affordable on a large scale. A lot of manufacturers make customers sacrifice one for the other, leaving multi-family building owners — and their eventual tenants — unhappy with the final outcome. 

Designers and architects also face this issue when trying to design for their clients. 

This is particularly true when it comes to faucets, which often get overlooked. Let’s look at six tips for selecting the perfect faucets for your multi-family building.

1. Who Is Your Target Demographic?

Before considering anything else, the first thing you might want to think about is your demographic. Are your residents younger, in the Millennial or Gen X age group? They might want something of a more modern design that is flexible, perhaps for a growing family. 

Are your residents studentsDurability will be paramount. 

Are your residents elderly? They may appreciate a more classic style that is easy to manage, so look for a style that is ADA-compliant. 

Knowing your target demographic will help inform all your other decisions, including budget, style, durability and longevity. But no matter the bathroom or kitchen faucets you choose, always look for a reliable warranty. 

2. Making a Budget Helps You Stick to That Budget


We can’t say enough about budgets. Approaching a kitchen or bathroom multi-family resident design without a detailed budget can lead to overspending, and that’s not ideal for anyone. 

When creating a budget for bathroom and kitchen designs, already knowing your target demographic, is a great place to start. You’ll have a general idea of the style of faucet you’re looking for.

When drafting a budget, also considering maintenance and replacement costs is essential but often overlooked. Long-term budgeting can help when outsourcing materials. It legitimizes the need for a high-quality product. With Pioneer’s kitchen and bathroom faucets, multi-family building owners can feel rest assured that longevity, durability and style are all rolled into an affordable product. Check out just some of Pioneer’s bath faucets that won’t break your budget.

If you need more information on how to decrease your budget, or to avoid value engineering, download our free guide.

3. Size of the Multi-Family Building

The amount of units in a multi-family building is the next consideration (which also applies to budgeting). When buying materials in bulk, it’s important that all are identical in quality and style, and they should always come with a reliable warranty. 

The size of a multi-family building also impacts water consumption and utility costs — costs that building owners often have to absorb. Consider low-flow faucets to save on water bills. Low-flow faucets also have the added benefit of being good for the environment, which is a benefit in itself but can also help owners sell units to potential buyers. 

4. Durability, Longevity and Maintenance


The durability, longevity and maintenance of faucets are also big concerns for multi-family building owners. Details like plumbing fixtures often get overlooked amongst larger concerns, but this seemingly small item can lead to big problems in the future. Working with materials that are low quality means they won’t stand the test of time — and that costs everyone. 

But durable faucet fixtures often run in a higher price range, meaning that if building owners want high-quality, they have to sacrifice other things in the budget. Thankfully, with Pioneer, this isn’t true. Caring for faucets is simple and straightforward. Daily wipedowns with mild soap and weekly vinegar wipedowns help breakdown the mineral and soap buildup. This ensures faucets stay good as new and long-lasting. 

Beyond that, building owners want to feel secure in their choice of faucet manufacturers, because Pioneer offers an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty.

5. Work With Your Decor

Nothing is worse than a gorgeous decor design paired with a boring, out-of-place faucet. Sadly, this happens a lot, particularly in multi-family buildings, as building owners are under strict budget and time constraints. 

We understand this. Choosing a manufacturer that already has taken style into account makes those decisions that much easier. 

When choosing the right faucet design, factoring in the size of the space will be your first go-to. For smaller spaces, a single-handed faucet that has a smaller footprint will work well. For larger spaces, a faucet with flare can be an elegant addition. Also remember, design works around a visual focal point. A faucet can be just that! 

For more inspiration on choosing the right faucet for your design, check out this blog.

6. Resident Mobility Needs


Lastly, considering the residents’ needs is critical. If the building houses an aging population, the likelihood of residents with mobility challenges is quite high. Designing bathrooms and kitchens should reflect this and that includes faucets. 

Kitchen and bathroom faucets receive a high amount of use every day, and residents don’t want to worry they may not be able to grip a handle or use a double-handled faucet. This is where single-handed, touchless or lightweight faucets are a perfect choice. 

For more inspiration, check out this completed project featuring a variety of accessible, durable, affordable and stylish faucets. 

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