Dark wood kitchen cabinets, contrasted by a backsplash in a lighter shade and a polished chrome faucet.

Often, builders and developers go out of their way — and sometimes out of pocket — to add a statement piece to their building project in order to bring the look together. 

Instead of racking your brain, you can simply find a unique fixture. Faucets, which are must-haves for all multi-family homes, are increasingly trending as statement pieces — and for good reason. 

A gorgeous faucet helps tie together your design while simultaneously working as the perfect standout element in a kitchen or bath. 

Let’s consider some examples and benefits of faucets working as statement pieces in multi-family buildings.

Making Small Bathrooms Pop

White bathroom sink with a silver wall-mounted faucet. There is a plant and a lantern next to the sink.

Multi-family buildings contain several homes within them, and bathrooms are usually where you sacrifice space to ensure the maximum number of units can fit. 

But a small bathroom should not equate to a lower-class bathroom or one which lacks creativity. You can spice up the tiniest of spaces by including uniquely colored faucets which are small in size yet big in presence — and within budget.

Colors like matte black and brushed gold, which we’ll talk about later, come in modern faucet designs and make even the smallest of bathrooms come to life. 

There are other ways you can add magic to your small bathroom such as with mosaic tiles, floating shelves and by using bold colors. Each has its distinctive advantage and allows you to create an original bathroom finish that will entice customers or renters.

Adding Function With Pre-Rinse Style Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen with light cabinets and dark brown granite countertop, complemented with a pre-rinse style faucet.

In a kitchen, your statement piece can also be your most functional. Pre-rinse style kitchen faucets, most commonly used in places like restaurants and bars, have now been adopted in the residential space. 

These convenient pieces make it easier to get rid of food on dishes before giving them a proper wash. In addition, pre-rinse style faucets with their high arcs add elegance to your kitchen. Pre-rinse faucets will definitely turn the heads of potential buyers of multi-family homes. 

Of course, a kitchen faucet for a multi-family project needs to be durable and long-lasting. Thankfully, Pioneer’s faucets are just that, requiring only wipedowns with mild soap and vinegar for maintenance.

A lot of factors go into choosing a faucet for your multi-family building. You won’t go wrong by selecting one that lasts and saves you money in the long term. 

Matching Your Design With Timeless Faucets 

This chrome faucet has a single handle design. The square sink is within the dark grey island.

While it’s easier to stick to your budget by finding a statement piece that is already essential to a home, it can be difficult to find one to match your existing look. 

The faucet you choose has to be timeless in two ways: It should align with the look you’ve chosen for years to come, and it should appeal to both immediate and future tenants.

Timeless also means long-lasting, so you’ll have to choose a faucet made from durable materials. Chrome or stainless steel faucets offer the grit necessary to withstand daily use in multi-family homes. 

Furthermore, they are easy to maintain, have ceramic disc cartridges and a year warranty, ensuring you get the most out of your sink’s design. And because of their solid construction, including their ability to stay looking fresh over years and years, they also add value to the eyes of potential home buyers or end-users.

A timeless faucet is indeed a perfect statement piece. 

Using Matte Black or Brushed Gold Finishes 

A matte black single-handed bathroom faucet with a white sink and subway tile backsplash.

There’s no question about it — gold and black will never go out of style. More than that, either option can be the perfect faucet finish to create the right statement piece for your next multi-family home.

You can use faucets in matte black finish and brushed gold finish in both your kitchen or your bathroom. These highly attractive finishes don’t discriminate and work with almost any existing decor. They’re also timeless and don’t have to be hard on your budget.

Brushed gold finishes exude classiness and luxury. They work with chic or traditional designs. And, of course, gold never goes out of style. A gold faucet is guaranteed to work as your statement piece. 

Matte black is a newer but well-established finishing choice. It’s almost always on-trend. The bold look of a matte black finish fits in with cozy or roomy spaces and can match both sleek, clean-cut looks or industrial designs. 

Getting Practical With Single-Handed Faucets

A white sink with a polished chrome single-handle faucet, with gray tiles in the background.

To come full circle, a single-handed faucet is particularly appropriate for multi-family homes as they have a smaller footprint. They’ll also be much easier for tenants to clean and maintain. 

Single-handed faucets work great as statement pieces because they give an effortlessly edgy look. At the same time, they bring in warmth and charm with their modest size. 

Single-handed faucets are practical because — let’s face it — half the time, most people prefer to deal with a one-handle faucet instead of two, especially when it comes to cleaning. 

It’s the simple yet modern character of a single-handed faucet that truly makes it a statement piece winner. There’s also the versatility of design options. 

At Pioneer, we offer single-handed faucets in polished chrome, brushed nickel, matte black and stunning brushed gold. When it comes to your multi-family project, you can’t go wrong with any of these options.

Make a Statement With the Right Faucet

White kitchen with light wooden details, with a single-handed, curved neck faucet with polished chrome finish.

A statement piece can be both functional and affordable, and it can be both appealing to your tenants and offer great quality. 

For your next multi-family building, consider making your kitchen or bathroom faucet a statement piece. We make it easy, as we provide reliable, gorgeous products coupled with a dedicated team

Always looking to improve, our new addition, the Touchless Sensor Glass and Bottle Fillers are our most recent prized fixtures. 

With the help of modern technology, these faucets offer environmentally friendly, water-saving functionality and are much lower-priced than the rest of the options out there.Have questions about the touchless faucet or any of our other statement piece faucets? Contact Pioneer today or go through our product catalog to get inspired!