Kitchen and bathroom project costs can add up quickly. Whether you’re starting from scratch or tackling a renovation, finding the best materials with an affordable price tag will make your project run smoothly while staying in budget — but it’s possible you’re paying too much for faucets and fixtures.

Price comparison can be overwhelming with the abundance of options available to building owners. When you’re deciding on the best faucet for your building, there are a variety of factors in play. Staying within budget, making sure the faucet is functional in your space, and choosing the right style can make choosing a faucet complicated. But it doesn’t have to be!

At Pioneer, we want to make choosing bathroom and kitchen faucets the easiest part of your project. You can choose with confidence, knowing that you will get high-quality products and customer service that stacks up against the more expensive brands but with a much more manageable price tag.

Stylish Simplicity 

A staple in homes and multi-family buildings alike, this two-handle kitchen faucet featuring a gooseneck spout is a smart choice. Pots and pans fit under the spout for easy filling, and the quick-connect spray head hose is perfect for rinsing.

Requiring minimal maintenance, our faucets allow you to bring stylish simplicity to your kitchen. Understanding how to care for your faucets and the type of faucet you have will help them perform at their very best.




Two Handle Kitchen Faucet

Model# K-5342

$108.00 – $171.00

 Elegance With an Edge

With modern lines and a stunning finish, Pioneer faucets are the ultimate in modern design elegance. Available in a variety of finishes, including Matte Black, our unique designs fit into a wide array of kitchen and bathroom designs with a price that fits your budget.

This faucet includes the convenience of a pullout spray handle in a design that exudes elegance. The distinct edges are a contrast to traditional rounded faucet spouts and add character to any kitchen design.


Olympia by Pioneer

Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Model# K-5060

$247.00 – $299.00

Bathroom Minimalism

Keep the bathroom uncluttered and streamlined with a single handle bathroom faucet. Brushed Nickel is a popular finish that will complement nearly any bathroom design. A single handle design fits well with minimalist designs or adds contrast to a more traditional aesthetic.

With a flow rate of 1.2 GPM (gallons per minute), our faucets are Watersense certified and help you to go green and conserve water in your building. Not only that, but our faucets are manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory using methods that conserve energy and materials. 




Single Handle Bathroom Faucet

Model# 3MT170-BN


Budget-Friendly Beauty

When you’re choosing faucets and fixtures for your building, a small price difference can add up quickly. That’s why a beautiful faucet gets better with a budget-friendly price tag. In multifamily buildings especially, what begins as a few dollars grows exponentially as you outfit each and every bathroom.

A simple single-handle faucet brings beauty to a bathroom and doesn’t have to bust the budget.




Two-Handle Bathroom Faucet

Model# L-7570


Transitional Designs for a Fraction of the Cost

Creating a standout bathroom design doesn’t have to break the bank. Pioneer offers designs that will add character and charm to your bathrooms, without forcing you into one exact style. Our two-handle, transitional faucets work with either a modern or traditional design — or anywhere in between.



Two Handle Faucet

Model# L-7520B


Benefits of Choosing Pioneer

Our commitment to excellence and never settling for less than the best makes our company a unique asset to your design process. If you have a question, you can reach any member of our team directly from designers to engineers to ensure your questions are answered by the person who can answer it best. 

At Pioneer, we are dedicated to providing high-quality bathroom and kitchen faucets and fixtures that rival more expensive brands in beauty and function. With an industry-leading 10-year commercial installation warranty and limited lifetime warranty for residential use, you can be sure that you’re making the right choice for your building and tenants.

Get Started Today

When you choose Pioneer’s line of bathroom and kitchen faucets, you’re choosing a high-quality, durable and beautiful faucet without the larger price tag of other, comparable brands. 

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