Picking an elegant, budget-friendly shower faucet for your multi-family building can feel like an insurmountable challenge. On the one hand, you want top-notch quality and industry-leading style, but on the other hand, you don’t want to break the bank. We get it! It’s exhausting having to compromise with lower quality in order to meet your budget. 

Our solution is to offer our customers everything they need and more — at an affordable price. But how do you go about choosing the right shower faucet for your building? Read on!

What Aesthetic Do You Want?

The bathroom should always be a place of rest and offer a spa-like experience where users can let their muscles relax. It makes sense then that style is top of mind for owners when choosing the right faucet for their shower design. But with so many gorgeous bathroom design trends, it can be difficult to choose. 

Keep It Simple With Tub & Shower Trim Sets


This tub and shower trim set from the Motegi Collection in polished chrome is a showstopper because it’s sleek, simple and allows any bathroom design to speak for itself. In a multi-family residence, keeping this shower faucet clean is easy. We know people are busy and complicating things is not our style.

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Open Showers

For those open shower designs, we have your style and budget covered. This style has always been trendy, but its popularity is rising among multi-family residences, primarily for its efficiency, looks and ability to fit into smaller bathrooms. 

And with our exemplary industry standards for a fraction of the budget, this lets you save money and still get the bathroom you want for your tenants. For more 2020 bathroom trends, check out this blog.

Unique Colors

Gone are the days when polished chrome was the only option and mixing metallics was taboo. Mix it up all you want! There are beautiful options to choose from that will compliment any style from farmhouse rustic to French country to modern. 

But we also know that choosing a color can be overwhelming — and pretty much all unique color shower faucets that are of the highest quality are far out of reach for most budgets. 

Or they used to be. 

We want to make sure that all our customers have access to top trends and exemplary quality that fits all budgets. We don’t think breaking the bank is the way to go, either! That’s why we offer styles and finishes at an affordable price, with more offerings on the way all the time.

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Think About Function


Function is always a major consideration when choosing the perfect shower faucet. There are unique needs for some, but functionality is essential for everyone. 

For many people, a handheld showerhead is necessary, which is why we offer a gorgeous line of handheld shower faucets that meet ADA requirements. 

Weight and size are crucial for some people as well. For those with physical or neurological conditions, we have a range of light-weight models that we recommend for those particular needs. 

Meeting ADA requirements are essential when working on a multi-family project. We fully understand and have multiple options to accommodate these requirements. And at a low cost, too! To find out more about our ADA-friendly shower faucets, check out this article.

Warranty, Warranty, Warranty!

The warranty a manufacturer offers speaks volumes not just about the products’ quality, but the service, care and compassion a manufacturer provides. Choosing the perfect shower faucet is already difficult; warranty concerns shouldn’t make your job harder.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty for residential use on all our products, including shower faucets. For our multi-family buildings (apartments, student housing, assisted living, etc.), we offer a 10-year Commercial warranty.

And if you have any questions or concerns, we always welcome you to contact us, with a live person on the other end, not just an unfriendly and unhelpful customer service automated voice system. We can’t emphasize enough how important our customers’ satisfaction is. 

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Top-Notch Quality That Meets Certifications

We can’t emphasize enough how important budget-friendly, top-notch quality is. A large part of that quality includes meeting certifications that put our customers’ minds at ease. 

Along with our commitment to meeting ADA certifications and giving our customers that extra freedom, our shower faucets are also energy saving with low-flow designs. We are 1.75 (GPM) WaterSense Certified, so our customers have that extra reassurance they are showing not only in luxury but green-friendly. To find out more about our Lux-Flow shower faucets, click here

Shower Valves You Can Trust

We know it’s important to contractors that you can trust what’s behind the wall. That’s why we only offer high-quality, durable shower valves. Our valves feature a durable, forged brass body, and we can also offer pre-fab valve customizations to increase efficiency and make commercial valve installations easier. 

Wish installation was faster and easier? We understand. That’s why our 4”x4” square plaster guard allows for simple, 90-degree cuts. We also offer a built-in spirit leveler, cut-out templates and mounting screws for thin wall and shower stall applications. 

Are You Ready?

Whether you’re updating or doing a complete renovation of your bathroom, we have you covered with our elegant, budget-friendly shower faucets. Are you ready to get started? Have more questions? Great! Check out our full line of shower faucets and contact us today!