This sink has a silver, mounted faucet. There is a white sink underneath the faucet, and there is a patterned, grey wallpaper on the vanity wall.

Like every other home project, choosing a faucet for your multi-family building project requires balance. While you’re looking for a high-quality, beautiful faucet, you also want large quantities for an affordable price. 

As a developer, you probably know that faucets for a multi-family home typically require features like accessibility, easy maintenance and style.

However, style might further depend on your target demographic — students, families or older residents — as well as the number of tenants and bathrooms in each unit.

Whoever your end-users will be, you don’t have to break the bank to find them the right fixtures. High-quality, budget-friendly faucets do exist. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of going with high-quality faucet brands, what to look for in a high-quality faucet and give you options for your next multifamily building project. 

3 Benefits of Buying High-Quality Faucets 

This chrome faucet has a single handle design. The square sink is within the dark grey island.

Certified and Covered

When you need to buy a faucet, it’s not just about the product itself. It’s about feeling confident that the products you’re buying meet certain certifications and give you a cushion. 

For instance, Pioneer’s faucets are ADA (American Disability Act) Certified and come with a 10-year commercial warranty. The former helps with accessibility while the latter reassures your product satisfaction.

Standing the Test of Time

High-quality faucets are reliable. Because they’re made from durable materials, they’re built to succumb to the high usage, which multifamily buildings typically see.

Of course, there are other common mistakes to keep in mind even before installation begins to ensure no surprises come after. 

Sustainability Comes First

A high-quality bathroom faucet helps you live a high-quality life. This includes caring for your environment. 

Pioneer’s products are WaterSense Certified, so you can enjoy low-flow, water-saving technology and know that your planet-friendly faucets are contributing to a better and safer world. 

What to Look for in a High-Quality Faucet

White bathroom sink with a silver wall-mounted faucet. There is a plant and a lantern next to the sink.

When scouting for your high-quality faucet, you have to consider quite a few things. Usually, it comes down to three main factors: budget, size and style.

The Right Faucet Gives You Long-Term Savings

In budgeting, you’re not just looking at the initial expense when you purchase a faucet — you also have to make sure you’re getting a cost-saving product. 

Building owners often absorb water bills, so a low-flow faucet significantly helps to save money in the long run. 

In addition to the low-flow feature which offers cost-saving benefits, Pioneer’s faucets are easy to maintain. A quick daily wipe with water and vinegar means you won’t have to spend money on expensive maintenance solutions or a replacement anytime soon.

Talk about a wise purchase.

Look for Options in Your Faucets

This bathroom has a raised  white sink with a silver faucet. There is a white towel hanging on a towel bar.

Different demographics and numerous residents, as well as bathrooms per unit, might affect the size of the faucets you would buy for your multifamily project.

Often, projects like these are built to save space. With that in mind, a smaller sink calls for a smaller faucet — one that won’t leave a large footprint.

Overall, you want to make sure the faucet you choose fits in with the rest of your decor. We mean that literally. Especially in the kitchen, ensure that the faucet you choose allows cupboards, cabinets and appliances to work seamlessly. Everything should flow well and be fully functional. 

If your multifamily home is for disabled or elderly persons, then you may want to opt for a touchless faucet design — that’s one great way to boost functionality and accessibility for your end-users. 

The high-quality faucet brand you choose should also offer timeless designs so they blend in with the tenant’s preferred aesthetics. Pioneer offers a wide range of products with an emphasis on design efficiency for specific projects such as multifamily buildings. 

Chrome and brushed nickel finishes assimilate with any look while still remaining durable for all users. Below are some popular options.

High-Quality Faucets You May Like

High-Quality Kitchen Faucets for Your Next Project

For your multifamily project, you may not have the space or design freedom to go as bold as you want. But if you do, a spring pull-down kitchen faucet in polished chrome will undoubtedly satisfy your itch. 

This kitchen design has a large, silver sink with a polished chrome finish. The counter has a soap dispenser, kitchen utensils and some lettuce displayed.

If you’re looking for a different look, there’s always a single-handle pull-down faucet. A brushed gold piece that offers a clean look without sacrificing that luxurious appeal.

This kitchen has a brushed gold single-handle faucet. There are dark lower cabinets, white countertop and white upper cabinets, along with a stainless steel range hood.

For yet another dramatic-looking scene, check out a matte black single-handle kitchen faucet. This one is not only daring, but it exudes a strong personality and bold character. 

This kitchen has a silver sink with a dark, matte-finished faucet. There are two containers next to the sink holding food.

High-Quality Bathroom Faucets You’ll Love

Keep it simple and smooth. This bathroom faucet has sharp, distinct lines that provide an engaging, minimalist feel. 

This bathroom has multiple sinks with silver faucets. There is a long mirror placed above the sinks, and the tan backsplash complements the grey tiled walls.

Don’t need two handles? Try a single handle, minimalist style faucet with its alluring, lean-in design for a more sleek and sophisticated look. Pioneer offers even smaller versions of this space-saving faucet if you’re looking for ample counter space. 

This bathroom has multiple sinks with silver faucets. The countertop and sinks are white, and there are tan tiles on the flooring and the walls.

The angular look of this single-handle faucet gives off a totally different feel. In a multifamily home, it would be the perfect twist to contrast with curvier decor or to double-down on a sharper interior design.

This small sink design has a tan countertop and a silver faucet. There are two candles placed next to the sink.

If you’re a developer looking for affordable bathtub faucets, we’ve got you covered

A wall-mounted Roman tub set is the perfect fixture to add some elegance to your next multifamily development.

This sink has a silver, mounted faucet. There is a white sink underneath the faucet, and there is a patterned, grey wallpaper on the vanity wall.

Ready to Get Started? 

You don’t have to sacrifice style and overpay to get high-quality faucets for your multifamily building project.

Understanding the benefits and learning how to determine what to buy when you’re looking for faucets for multifamily homes can make the process easier when searching for a high-quality faucet to include in your design.

Pioneer’s variety of faucets and fixtures is backed by 30 years of experience, producing demonstrated product longevity and showcasing our undying drive for innovation. 

Most importantly, Pioneer is customer-facing, putting support, integrity, and quality service first. Experts are here to help you decide which high-quality faucet will best work with your next multifamily project. 

Then, once you have your easy-to-install faucet, you can enjoy Pioneer’s 10-year commercial warranty and feel at ease. Pioneer’s high-quality and value-driven faucets are the perfect solution for your multifamily building.